Association Ticket Fisheries

In most cases, associations offering tickets make them available through an agent of one kind or another. It might be a bailiff patrolling the bank or you may have to go to a shop or a public house. In some cases however tickets can only be obtained on advance application to the association secretary. It is made clear in the Fishing Guide where this applies and a list of addresses of relevant secretaries appears on 369. Wherever possible, alternative ticket sources are also indicated. Some association secretaries feel, however, that anglers might prefer to obtain tickets in advance anyway, the advantage here being that an angler could set off to some distant water much happier knowing that his ticket was already in his possession rather than be faced with the search for one on arrival. Applications for tickets or requests for information should always be accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope.

Finally on the subject of association ticket fisheries, it is important to point out that while we have used the description, Day Ticket or Weekly Ticket, these tickets for many associa-tions are correctly known as Temporary Membership Cards. This is not an important difference to the reader, but it can be for the association. The obvious symbols used to describe these tickets are DT or WT but we would point out that they may just as easily mean Temporary Membership Card covering the same period. 3. Association Fisheries

These are waters which, while still controlled by associations or clubs, do offer access through a ticket or temporary membership card. To fish these waters, you be a member of the association on a seasonal or annual basis. A number of privately owned waters also fall into this category. Space considerations and the fact that this category may prove of no interest (or too expensive) for the day angler forced us to adopt a close control of information relating to this kind of fishing. Where we thought it useful, it has been covered. Where not, it has been omitted. Though experienced anglers will need no telling, newcomers should bear in mind that if they are going to fish any water regularly and it is available on a season ticket, this will always be the most economic method of payment. It is worth adding that there are a number of associations which offer some of their water on ticket and the rest on a seasonal basis only. A typical example would be the London Anglers’ Association. They offer ticket fishing, for instance, on some parts of the Thames while, on others, they reserve it for association members only. Here again, the lesson is similar. If you want to fish regularly on those parts of the

Thames reserved for members, then the season membership is for you, not least because it gives access to the association’s fishing on the river, both the day anc/members’ only sections. 4. Hotel Fisheries

Though hotels in many instances act as ticket agents for fishery controllers, some establishments have the sole right to certain fishings, either through a lease or direct ownership. In some cases, they sell tickets just as other fishery controllers do. In others, however, it is necessary to be resident at the hotel to gain access to the fishing. This kind of fishing was considered valid in terms of a guide of this kind and it has, therefore, been included. A special symbol makes it clear where residence is demanded, see symbol guide . 5. Free Fisheries

These, as can be imagined in these days of ever increasing competition for water, are rare, but there are some. They are clearly shown in the Fishing Guide sections of the Guide though it should be added that most of them are not entirely free. While no fee is payableforfishing the water, the angler, almost invariably, will be expected to be in possession of the rod licence of the Water Authority in whose area the fishing is situated if the fishing is in England or Wales.

Local Information

Anglers may take comfort that they will always find plenty of people willing to help with on-the-spot information. Tackle dealersaretypical in this respect. They are unfailingly helpful and, generally, a mine of information on the fishing within their districts. Do make sure however, if fishing information is all you require, that enquiries are not made when the dealer has a shop full of customers waiting to be served. Civic Information Centres and Tourist Offices often have the latest information about local waters too.

Permission to fish Anglers are reminded never to fish any water without being in possession of the appropriate permission, whatever that might entail. Without this permission anglers could find themselves in considerable trouble and additionally cost those who already have the privilege the loss of their fishing rights.