From Exmoor, this river flows through a wooded valley to join the Exe below Dulverton. Agame river, it offers salmon and trout fishing with hotelsthe likeliest possibilities for gaining access.

Dulverton, SomersetTS – Lengths on Exe and Barle Lion, Bank Sq. T:Dulverton 444.14 rooms.

Dulverton, SomersetTS j mile atSealey’sFieldLB

DT: AH (Lamb Hotel, Dulverton)

Hawkridge, SomersetTS -13} milesfrom Penny Bridge to Bradley

Island BB

DT: AH (Tarr Steps Hotel,

Hawkridge) e

Simonsbath, SomersetT milesfrom PinkerytoCow

Castle] BB

DT: AH (Exmoor Forest Hotel,