Not many waters offer ticket facilities in this county, most opportunities being through association membership. BURGHFIELD

Burghfield Fishery (GP) (2) This gravel pit coarse fishery offers excellent possibilities. It contains large numbers of tench (to 51 lb) and roach. The biggest pike weighed 21 lb. The Leisure Sport ticket for this water also covers the angler for a section of the River Kennet which has yielded barbel in this reach to 11 lb 8 oz.C WT: ATS (named on sign at entry to water) or ARO (Leisure Sport, RMC House, High Street, Feltham, Middlesex)TWAe


Queen Mother Reservoir This new TWA reservoir is being developed as a trout fishery and has been stocked with brown troutT?-DT: (fishing from boats only) TO v TWA


Dinton Pastures (also known as

Black Swan Lake). Another of the new put-and-take trout fisheries, this water has yielded rainbow trout to 9 lb plusTr

DT: (L70)TOKor ARO (Dinton

Pastures Trout Fishery, Davis

Street, Hurst; Tel: Twyford 345480)Apr1-Nov30TWAe


Summerleaze Lake]C

DT: ATS (J. Smith, 5, High Street,



Wellington Country ParkLC



Langham PondC



STRATRELD SAYE Stratfield Saye (L) A stately home put-and-take trout fishery, this water operates a limit on the number of rods. It has yielded rainbow trout in excess of 7 lbT DT: KTWA


Theale Fishery (GP) Leisure Sport coarse fishery with roach, bream, tench and pike the dominant species. The bream and tench go to 51 lb. This ticket also covers a backwater of the River Kennet known as Back Water StreamC WT: ATS (named on sign at entry to water) or ARO (Leisure Sport, RMC House, High Street, Feltham, Middlesex)TWAe


Windsor Great Park Coarse fishing in three lakes, Johnson’s Pond, Obelisk Pond and Virginia Water, is available on season permit. Enquiries to: Crown Estate Office, The Great Park, Windsor. For opportunities of fishing in other Royal Parks see under Greater London.