Best rod, best line

For long-range fishing, a powerful, fasttaper rod is ideal, preferably one 11-11’2ft long. This length is needed to pick up a lot of line and pull the hook home. Over distances a line such as Platil Stark, which has minimal stretch, will transfer the strike to the hook efficiently. Ex-treme care must be taken when the fish is played out at close range, as the fasttaper rod and the non-stretch line give no cushioning effect to the lunges of the fish, and the hook is easily torn out.

Small hooks are often used with particle baits and a softer, through-action rod is preferred, otherwise a high proportion of hooked carp would be lost due to the hook tearing out. A softeractioned rod is re- quired because finer lines are used, and much of this type of fishing is carried out at short range. For parti-cle fishing, most carp anglers prefer an lift rod with a l’db test curve.