Colne (Essex)

Rising near Haverhill, the Colne flows through typical Essex coun-tryside to enter the North Sea below Colchester. It is coarse fishing with the usual species evi-dentthough little or no opportunity exists for ticket fishing.

The following associations offer seasonal membership: Colchester Piscatorial Society; Colchester APS; Colnes Angling Society. Rod Licence: AWA (Essex River Division)

Associations: Colchester APS; Halstead & Hedingham AC.

Constantine Brook

This small Cornish stream finds its source near the village of Constan-tine and flows south to enter the estuary of the Helford River. It con-tains some trout. To fish it, permis-sion should be sought from farmers whose land flanks the river. Rod Licence: SWWA Constantine, CornwallTEntire river to estuary of Helford River Free fishing (provided that permission is first soughtfrom the riparian owner)