This river could be said to have suffered more than most from the effects of hydro-electric activities although the authorities have done their best to adjust a natural imba-lance. The Conon is a conglomerate of waters, gathering a number of tributaries en route. Finding its source in Loch Luichart at the Falls of Conon, it flows down through Loch Achonachie to enter a long estuary at Dingwall. Summer grilse fishing can be really good and so is the summer fishing for sea trout. The river also contains brown trout. Access for visitors is reasonable to good. SOS: Feb 11-Aug 26 (Net); Jan 26-Sept 30 (R&L)

Dingwall, Ross & Crom, Highland TST?-JmileinareaBB DT: ATS (J. J. Shanks and Son, Dingwall)Jan26-Sept30s Strathpeffer, Ross & Crom, HighlandTS (except at high water levels)}milefrom Luichart Power Station to top of Loch AchonachieBB

DT:(L4)AAA (Loch Achonachie AC)May10-Sept30s’e

Conon Tributaries


This river flows from Loch Glascar-noch through Garbat to join the Conon and provides more consis-tent sport than its parent in the early summer months for salmon, these fish having passed through the lower beats.

Contin, Ross & Crom,

HighlandTS 1J miles from Loch Na Croil to point above RogieFallsBB

DT: (L2)AAA(Loch Achonachie

AC)=Apr1-Sept30(T)Jun1-Sept 30(S)

Contin, Ross & Crom, Highland TSTS?-1JmilesfromRogie Falls to the bridge at Contin (the stretch is known as the Middle Beat)LB Craigdarroch Lodge, Contin. T:Strathpeffer 265.20 rooms (11c4 1). NB: Thisfishing-and the boat pool on the Conon- is only available to guests at this hotel in

Conon Record

Salmon: 36-0-0 captor unknown 1

September. Often booked a year in advance.

Garve, Ross & Crom, Highjand

CTSectionatGarveLB ‘

DT: AH (Garve Hotel, Garve)

Garve, Ross ft Crom, HighlandM 6 miles from Loch Garve to


DT: AH (Strathgarve Lodge,

Garve) v j.toMay 1-Sept