The Conwy – previously spelled Conway – is rated one of the finest sea trout rivers in the British Isles -and small wonder. It has produced many of the biggest taken and it was on this marvellous river in the early 60s that the late great Cyril Inwood of Northampton became the first angler ever to catch three sea trout over the stone, his biggest a 1962 fish of 18 lb 8 oz. This feat remains unequalled. The biggest Conwy sea trout is believed to be a fish of 21 lb 8 oz caught in 1955, this being the second best ever reported in the British Isles. Big runs of sea trout begin to hit the Conwy in June and go on until September. There are salmon, too, and

Rising near Llangernyw, the Elwy flows east to join the Clwyd at St Asaph. It offers similar fishing to the Clwyd with some chance for visitors.

Rhyl, ClwydTSTSWater near Rhyl (mapped on permit) known as Gipsy Lane WaterBB DT: ATS (in area) or AAA (Rhyl andDistAA)e

StAsaph.ClwydlTlSTlSlJmile from Pont-yr-Allt Goch Bridge to Elwy MeadowsLB DT:ATS (St Asaph)

St Asaph, ClwydTSTSFrom St

Asaph Bridge to Fly Over


DT:ATS (St Asaph)

St Asaph, ClwydTSTS500 yards from Glan Aber to St Asaph


DT:ATS (St Asaph) — -y — —


These fish move best at high water with peak catches coming in and June. These migratory fish are caught all the way up to the Conwy Falls above Betws-y-Coed. Upstream of this point, brown trout offer the main sport. The riverfinds its source in Llyn Conwy close to Pen y Bedw (1,727 ft). From there it strikes north-east to Pentrefoelas, swinging north-west to Betws-y-Coed, moving on due north through the Conwy Valley to enter its estuary at Tal-y-cafn. Access for visitors is reasonable with hotels offering the best opportunities. Rod Licence: WNWDA (Gwynedd River Division)

Betws-y-Coed, GwyneddSTS 7 milesfrom Tyn-y-Cae Pool to Trefriw QuayAB DT: AH (Gwydyr Hotel, Betws-y-Coed)

Betws-y-Coed, GwyneddTS Section known as the Plasmadoc Fishery rGwydyr Hotel, Betws-y-Coed Betws-y-Coed, Gwynedd T (except in flood)1 milefrom Conwy Falls bridge to Rhydlanfair Bridge! BB (except last field on right) DT:AK(BronRuffyda, Pentrefoelas Road, Betws-y-Coed) orARO (NationalTrust, Nwales Area, Dinas, Betws-y-Coed)tf Dolgarrog, GwyneddTSTS (Salmon permits not available after Aug 31 )Length approximating to village boundariesBB DT (Weekends and public holidays only): (L6)AAA(Dolgarrog FC) Llanrwst,GwyneddTSTS1J miles from old bridge upstream BB WT: ATS (Llanrwst)Mar3-Sept 19e Ysbyty Kan, GwyneddT (except inflood)6 milesfrom A5 to Llyn Conwy (6 miles, LB, 5 miles, RB) DT: AP(VoelasArms, Pentrevoelas)C (Bryn Conwy, Ysbyty If an) PO (Ysbyty) or A RO (National Trust, Nwales Area, Dinas, Betws-y-Coed)s’(in parts)e Conwy Tributaries


Finding its source in Llyn Crafnant Reservoir , this small stream joins the Conwy below Trefriw.


A small tributary of the Lledr above Dolwyddelan offering trout opportunities.

Dolwyddelan, GwyneddT2 miles from Tyn-y-Cwm to DolwyddelanBB

DT: ARO (Forestry Commission Forest Office, Dolwyddelan) DDU

Another Conwy tributary with a reservoir for its source – Llyn

Cowlyd – the Ddu joins the

Conwy near Dolgarrog.


The Afon Glasgwm is a short feeder of the Machno rising on the slopes of Ro-wen (1961 feet). It offers trout.

Penmachno, GwyneddT ? (except inflood)3i milesfrom source to


DT: PO (Penmachno) or ARO (National Trust, N Wales Area,

Dinas, Betws-y-Coed)


A tributary of the Llugwy, the

Gwyrd rises on the north-west slope of Snowdon to meet the

Llugwy at Capel Curig. It is trout fishing with hotels offering some opportunity for visitors.


This river rises in Snowdonia and flows through Dolwyddelan to join the river below Conwy Falls. For this reason, this is one of the tributaries which attracts salmon and sea trout, these fish being mostly caught in late summer and early autumn.

Betws-y-Coed, GwyneddSTS miles from Plantation Pool to Tyn- y-CaeLB

DT: AH (Gwydyr Hotel, Betws-y-


Dolwyddelan, GwyneddTS3 milesfrom Dolwyddelan to Pont-y-PantBB WT:ATS(ShopYUan, Dolwyddelan)Mar3-Oct


Rising between Glyder Fawr (3,279 ft) to the south and Carnedd Dafydd (3,423 ft) to the north, the Llugwy flows east through Capel Curig to join the Conwy. Access for visitors is reasonable.

Betws-y-Coed, GwyneddT -13 milesfrom outfall of Mymbyr Lakes to Swallow Falls DT: AH (Gwydyr Hotel, Betws-y-Coed) MACHNO Rising above Glanaber Terrace, this river flows north-east through Penmachno to join the Conwy above Conwy Falls. It offers trout fishing with reasonable access.

Conway Record

Sea Trout: 21-8-0 C F P Lowe Oct 1

Penmachno, GwyneddT (except in flood) 11000 yards from


DT:APO (Penmachno) or ARO (National Trust, North Wales Area,

Dinas, Betws-y-Coed)

Penmachno, GwyneddTHexcept in flood) 50 yards opposite


DT: APO (Penmachno) or ARO (National Trust, N WalesArea,

Dinas, Betws-y-Coed)sSe

Penmachno, GwyneddTr (except in flood) I mile from Conwy Falls to


DT: PO (Penmachno) or ARO (NationalTrust, N WalesArea,

Dinas, Betws-y-Coed)tfe

Penmachno, GwyneddT ? (except inflood)3j milesfrom Pont

Oernant to Capel SilohBB

DT: APO (Penmachno) or ARO (National Trust, N Wales Area,

Dinas, Betws-y-Coed) ste

Penmachno, GwyneddTFrom

Bennar Farm to junction with


DT: AF (Mrs. Jones, Pandymill

Farm, Penmachno)


This small trout stream enters the Conwy near Pentrefoelas.


The most northerly of the Conwy tributaries, this river enters the mainstream after passing through Roewen.


Uppermost feeder of the Conwy running between Bryn-mawr (1676 ft) and Foel-wen (1523 ft) to join the Conwy at Blaen-y-Coed. Ysbyty Ifan, GwyneddT (except in f lood)45 miles from Blaen-y-CoedtoLlynSerwBB DT:AP(VoelasArms, Pentrefoelas)C (Bryn Conwy, Ysbyty lfan)PO (Ysbyty) or ARO (National Trust, N Wales Area, Dinas, Betws-y-Coed)Jun 1-Jul 31onlye


This tributary of the Lledr curls down from the side of Moel Siabod to join the Lledr at Dolwyddelan. Dolwyddelan, GwyneddT2 miles on Forestry Commission EstateBB DT: ARO (Forestry Commission Forest Office, Dolwyddelan)


Which licence?

For details of which rod licence is required for the type of fish you are seeking refer to Rod Licence section 10.



C coarse T trout ST sea trout S salmon M mixed fly only Location downstream

LB left bank

RB right bank

BB both banks

AB alternating banks

TP tow path

Type of water (L) lake (P) pond (R) reservoir (GP) gravel pit

Ticket control hotel fishery requiring residence DT: day ticket available: WT: weekly ticket available: (L) day tickets limitedto number shown on any one day B on bank TO from ticket off ice TM from ticket machine K from keeper or bailiff or A can be bought in advance A must be bought in advance AA from Angling

Association/club TS from tackle shop K from keeper or bailiff (not on site) P from pub H from hotel F from farmer RO from riparian owner C from cafe G from garage PO from post office Boats available x rowing boat — punt k motor boat

Special points to note • ghillieavailable = open season if different from normal Sundayfishingnot available –WA Water Authority (for rod licence and close season) t no rod licence required special regulations apply