Devon offers many interesting opportunities for the visiting still-water angler, the majority of them waters where it is fly fishing for trout, often in places of scenic beauty. The biggest single group are the reservoir fisheries controlled by the SWWA, all detailed below. The average size of trout produced in these reservoirs is about 1 lb. One, Burrator, yielded a superb brown of 11 lb 1 oz in 1967, one of the biggest ever taken in England. Generally considered the most productive is the group of reservoirs known as Trenchford, Kennick and Tottiford. The best brown here went 6 lb 1 oz and the best rainbow, 7 lb 12 oz. In addition, there are a fair number of the man-made put-and-take trout fisheries which are becoming more and more a feature of the trouting scene. Some of these, such as Stafford Moor and Exe “ Valley, are among those which have gone in for the new strains of fast growing rainbows with dramatic results.


Lake Pond C

DT: ATS (Barnstaple)SWWA

Lake Venn GPC

DT (Mon-Fri only. Bank Holidays excluded): ATS (Barnstaple)






DT: ATS (Petherick’s, High Street,



BOVEY TRACEY Stover LaltejC DT:ATSSWWAe Trenchford, Kennick and Tottiford Reservoirs These waters are rated in the first-class category by the SWWA. Trenchford, is being operated as an experimental brook trout fishery. The most recent season for which statistics exist produced a total catch of 3,924 rainbows and 1,300 brown troutT-DT: TMApr 1-Oct 12 (Winter Rainbow Trout fishing permitted at Kennick, weather permitting)! BUDLEIGH SALTERTON Squabmoor ReservoirM DT: APO (Knowle, during normal opening hours):-Mar15-Oct 12 (T); normal (C) seasonl v BUTTERLEIGH Stout Trout FisheryL (2)r DT: (L5)ARO (E. Berry, Stout Farm, Cullompton. Tel: Cullompton 3223. Advance booking strongly advised) ‘Mar 28-Sept30SWWA CHAGFORD FenworthyRT?-DT:TMMApr1-Oct12-v CHUDLEIGH

Harcombe House Fishery Three landscaped reservoirs which are stocked weekly. Though compara-tively recent in origin, browns and rainbows in excess of 5 lb have already been caught hereT?-DT: ARO (Estate Office, Harcombe House)h -Apr1-Sept30lSWWAe


Stafford Moor Fishery (L) This is one of those waters where fast growing big trout have hit the headlines. The biggest rainbow was a fish of 14 lb 2oztakeninMay 1976, according to our records the seventh bestevertaken in England. The biggest brown went a superb 10 lb 2 oz. It should be added that Stafford Moor fish averaged 1 lb 15 oz during the most recent season for which figures are available. That same season produced a total catch of 3,200 trout DT:(L20)ToorARO (advance booking strongly advised by telephoning Dolton 360,9 a.m. To 5 p.m.)=Apr 1-Oct9 ee e EXETER Haldon Ponds Fishery This is a new water which opened for its first season in 1977 after being stocked with brownsto7 Iband rainbowsto 10 lb. Advance telephone booking, the owners tell us, is essentialT DT: (L4)A(by telephone booking to Exeter 32967. No tickets sold on site) Feb 15-Sept 30 (rainbows) Mar 15-Sept 30 (Browns)SWWA e HOLCOMBE ROGUS Besley Lake Trout at this put-and-take water average 2 lb, a fair standard for any waterT DT: AF (Lower Besley Farm, Holcombe Rogus)SWWAe ILFRACOMBE SladeRT?-

DT: TmlApr 1-Oct 12


Home Farm FisheriesLT f

Dtor J day: (L 6)AF (Home

Farm)open all yearSWWA


Abbrook PondC

WT: ATS (at Exeter and


Preston PondsP(6)C



Lee Quarry LakeM


Lewdown) or ARO (The Manor,


Lewdown 202) SWWA

UFTON Tinhay LakeT?-

DT: AH (Arundell Arms, Lifton. NB: Hotel residents given preference for tickets)- (1)SWWA NEWTON ABBOT Rackerhayes Ponds (P) (5) This is a complex of several lakes offering coarse fishing, including bream and carpC DT:BkorATSSWWAe



DT: TMIMar 16-Sept 30


Payhembury Trout Ponds (P) (2)

Another privately developed trout fly fishery regularly stocked with browns and rainbows; the average weight of fish here is 2 lb 8 ozT

DT:(L5)AF(atponds) x May 1-Sept 30SWWAe


East Batsworthy LakesT?-

DT:(L6)TOMar1-Nov 301 SWWA



Slapton Ley (L) Situated in a nature reserve, fishing here is from boats. This 200-acre water offers coarse fishing and is especially noted for the beauty of its rudd. There are also perch, pike and roachC DT: (L 10)AK(Slapton Field Centre)! x=openall yearSWWAe


Avon Dam ReservoirT,y

DT: AP (Anchor Inn, South Brent) Apr 1-Oct 12SWWA SWIMBRIDGE Bestridge PondC DT:ATS(Barnstaple)SWWAe

Swimbridge PondC

DTMon-Fri only. Bank Holidays excluded): ATS (Barnstaple) SWWAe TAVISTOCK

Wilminstone LakeT

DT: (L 6) ATS (Tavistock) or ARO (The Keep, Tavistock) SWWA



DT: TMMar 15-Oct 12 (Brown

Trout); Rainbowfishing permitted allyearai

Stevenstone Lakes It should be noted that this water is approached via a private drive a mile from Tor-rington on the B3227 (South Molton) road. The lakes are stocked with carp, rudd and perchC DT: ARO (R. W. Parnell, Deer Park, Stevenstone) =open all year SWWA W1THERIDGE Dart Raafe LakeT?-DT:(L4)Kffl

Little Dart Fishery (L) Another pri-vately developed Devon trout fishery, this water, open to a limited number of rods, hasyielded rainbow trout to 8 lb 3 oz and browns to 5 lb 4 ozT?-DT:(L4)AF(at’DartRaafe’Farm nearwater)SWWA YELVERTON BurratorRT DT:TM-.=Mar16-Sept30-v