Dovey (Dyfi)

Another of the great Welsh sea trout rivers, the Dovey, according to our records, shares with the Dorset Frome the honour of being one of two rivers which has yielded two sea trout in excess of 20 lb. Add a string of double figure fish up to 14 lb and the quality of the Dovey’s sea trout potential is fairly underlined. The river’s sea trout run usually begins in May with sport continuing to September. During the same period, the river also attracts salmon though in nothing like the numbers found with sea trout. The river and its tributaries also contain good numbers of sizeable trout.

The Dovey rises on Aran Mawddwy (2,974 ft) and flows south-east for 30 miles through Dinas Mawddwy, Cemmaes and Machynlleth to enter the long estuary which carries it to the Irish Sea. Access for visitors is reasonable with hotels often offering the best chance.


This rewarding water rises near Dylife and flows north to meet the Dovey at Tafolwern. It closely follows roads for much of its 13 mile length.

Llanbrynmair, PowysCTSTS8 miles from hamlet of Talerddig to village of Cemmaes RoadAB DT: AG (D. Evans, Service Station, Cemmaes Road) Dulas.SeeR.Towy Dulas.SeeR. Wye

Dovey Record

Sea Trout: 20-2-OTWilliams June 1