Esk (North)

This is probably the most prolific medium-sized Atlantic salmon river in the world, with splendid spawning grounds and natural rocky gorges in the middle and upper reaches to deter poachers.

Nevertheless, it is heavily netted and this obviously affects the quality of angling sport during the netting season. However, the net ting firm involved in the area, John ston’s of Montrose, co-operate closely with the Government

Departments and riparian proprietors to boost the productivity of all the waters in their area and under their netting control.

Because of its width it is an ideal river to fly cast in the Spring although most anglers would choose to use Spoon, Sprat or Devon minnow.

In recent years, due to mild win-ters, the salmon have been running earlier with fish being taken on the opening day of February 16. Perhaps because of this the traditionally excellent sport expected in April has fallen away, the ‘springers’ having arrived early and wandered upstream. The nets below the notorious Morphie Dyke can wreak early havoc and continue their heavy toll throughout the season. Summer grilse runs can be excellent but they, too, have been decimated by the nets.

Trout fishing on the North Esk used to be of special Scottish quality, almost Tay or Aberdeenshire Don quality, but it has fallen off in recent years. Sea trout fishing on summer evenings can be exciting on reaches of this river -late June and July being the best. SOS: Feb 16-Aug 31 (Net); Feb 16-Oct 31 (R&L)

Edzell, Angus, TaysideTS4 miles inareaBB

DT:(notafterAug8)(L4)AK(J. Campbell, Head Keeper, Millden, Glenesk. Tel: Tarfside Marykirk, Kincardines, Grampian TSTS1J milesfrom Gallery railway viaduct to Den of MorphieLB

DT: ARO (Joseph Johnston & Sons Ltd, 3, America Street, Montrose) (sometimes available by special request)=Feb 16-Oct 31

Montrose, Angus, TaysideTST 2 miles in area

Free fishing but permit obtained from RO (Joseph Johnston & Sons Ltd., 3, America Street, Montrose)=Feb-Aug Montrose, Angus, TaysideTS “12 milesfrom Gallery to StobbBB

DT: AH (Links Hotel, Montrose) Montrose, Angus, TaysideTSTS (in March)25 milesfrom Glenisla to Montrose (variousfishing) DT: ATS (R. Hamilton, 180, High Street, Montrose) Montrose, Angus TaysideT 1 milefrom Den of Morphie to Kinnaber Turnpike BridgeBB DT: ARO (Joseph Johnston & Sons, 3, America Street, MontroseJlMarlS-AprSOand Jun1-Aug31

Esk Tributaries


This small tributary is rated good for sea trout.

Laurencekirk, Kincardines, GrampianTS6 miles from Thornton Estate to North EskBB DT:Toe North Esk Record

Salmon: 53-0-0 J M Oldham (fly) 1

Laurencekirk, Kincardines,

GrampianSTS7 miles on lands of

Thornton Estate (Wakefield,

Pitgarvie, Luther Mains,

Blamakewan, Drumnagair,




Rising on the southern slopes of West Knock (2,273 feet) this water joins the North Esk below Inchbare.

It offers salmon, sea trout and brown trout.

Edzell, Angus, TaysideTS1 mile inareaRB

DT: AH (Glenesk Hotel, Edzell)

Edzell, Angus, TaysideSTS 5 miles from March to mouthLB DT: (L4)ATS (T. Clark and Sons, High Street, Arbroath)