Fishing from boats

For those who intend to use their own craft for sea fishing, an understanding of shipping and weather forecasts and a knowledge of the following scales is important. Readers should also refer to the tables of moon phases and tidal predictions given on s 22-25.

If fishing in an estuary or the open sea, it is vital to have a sound understanding of the buoyage system used in the British Isles. If fishing at night it is essential to be able to interpret all light signals. All boats should carry flares and torches. Always inform some responsible person, such as a coastguard when you are going out in a boat and let them know your intended time of return.

Shipping Forecasts

BBC Shipping Forecasts, issued by the Meteorological Office, are broadcast in the Radio 2 Programme (1500m/200kc/s) at the following times: Monday-Saturday: 0030, 0630, 1355, 1755. Sunday: 0030, 0630, 1155, 1755.

These forecasts cover the zones shown on the map and include station reports of the current weather conditions at the fol-lowing lighthouse or lightships: 1 Wick 7 Scilly 2 Bell Rock 8 Valentia 3 Dowsing 9 Ronaldsway 4 Galloper 10 Prestwick 5 Royal Sovereign 11 Tiree 6 Portland Bill

Coastal Radio Station Forecasts, in plain language, are also transmitted on radio tele-phones.