The second swim, on the west bank, is a floating-bait swim. I only fish it when there is a goodish wind coming from the south to south-west direction. This, when it is warm, tends to bring the carp into the area from the whole gravel pit, and numbers of them are often seen in the potamogeton and cruising along the edge of it. I try to cast a floating crust or high protein floater into the open water and let the wind drift it back into the edges of the potamogeton bed, where the neck of the pond begins to narrow. Of course, carp may be spotted anywhere in the potamogeton beds here, and a constant watch should be made.

The third swim on the small island is a real treat. It would be hard to design a nicer spot. Once you have set up on this island, no other anglers can disturb the swim, and there is a wide variety of poss-ibilities of where to put the bait. Fish coming through the channel can be ambushed with a bait just fished off the end of the potamo-geton bed, or a bait can be fished under the branches of the willow tree farther along the west bank.

Another hotspot is the gravel bar which runs away to join the two islands. A bait fished anywhere along here will be likely to find fish. If the weather is cooler, especially with a northnorth-easterly, I prefer to fish in about 6ft of water just off the reeds to the east of the island.