This extremely short river links Dubh Loch, near Inveraray, to saltwater Loch Fyne. It offers salmon and sea trout with the period Jun-Sept rated best. The visitor’s ticket for this river also covers fishing in Dubh Loch.

SOS: Feb 16-Aug 31 (Net); Feb 16-Oct 31 (R&L)

Inveraray, Argylls, Strathclyde TSTS mile from Dubh Loch to SeaLochBB DT(alsocoversfishinginDubh Loch): (L6)ARO (Argyll Estates Office, Cherry Park, lnveraray)May 16-Oct 15 Garry (Inverness). See R. Ness Garry (Perths). See R. Tay Gaur. SeeR.Tay Girvan

Runs some 25 miles into the Atlantic at Girvan. Salmon do not pass further upstream than about five miles above Straiton where there is a ‘linn’ (falls).

There is a degree of spring salmon fishing from March onwards but it is basically a summer and late water with fair sea-trout fishing from July. SOS: Feb 25-Sept 9 (Net); Feb 25-Oct 31 (R&L)

Barr,Ayrs,StrathclydeTSTS31 miles in areaBB DT:AH (King’s Arms, Barr)

Girvan, Ayrs, Strathclyde TSTS 23 miles from sea upstreamBB WT: (L5)ATS (John H. Murray, 3, Dalrymple Street, Girvan) =Feb 25-Oct31

Straiton, Ayrs, StrathclydeTSTS (except when marker at bridge shows otherwise) From Straiton to bridge on Crosshiel RoadBB DT(onlyto resident overnight in parish): AAA (Straiton AC) Straiton, Ayrs, StrathclydeTSTS parts)2 miles in areaBB DT: (L12)AK(Estate Keeper, Blair-quhan Kennels, Straiton)Jun 1-Oct31

Glazert. See R. Irvine Glentarken Burn. See R. Tay