Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

Often called simply the Gloucester Canal this water links the port of Sharpness with Gloucester, 15 miles to the north. It is a deep, wide channel big enough to accommodate sea-going ships, some of them capable of causing a mighty disturbance in the angler’s swim. The canal is, nevertheless, a popular centre for coarse fishermen in general and match fishermen in particular. It has been the setting for two National Championships. The predominant species are roach and bream with some perch, carp, gudgeon, and odd shoals of chub. The Canal is unusual in that it is believed to contain no pike whatever. Because of its great depth close to the bank, the canal can be difficult to fish for the newcomer – but a satisfying water to master. Access for the visitor is excellent. Groups interested in booking competitions on the water should enquire (with sae) to the Area Amenity Assistant, British Waterways Board, Dock Office, Gloucester (Tel: Gloucester 25524). Rod Licence: STWA (Severn River Division)