The nation’s capital city offers a wealth of Stillwater fishing, most of it, as can be seen from the Fishing Guide entries below, coarse fishing. It ranges from the chance to fish the ponds on Hampstead Heath to big waters like the giant complex of reservoirs at Walthamstow. Some of these waters have recently been converted to trout fisheries to cater for the growing demand for this type of fishing. Add the excellent river fishing available on waters like the Thames and Lee and it can be seen that the Londoner is better off than most city dwellers for doorstep angling. Some of these waters at one time produced extremely big fish though little has been heard of them recently. There was the marvellous 3 lb 14 oz roach caught by

Bill Penney from Lambeth Reservoir at West Molesey. It stood as a British recordfrom 1938 until 1975. In the mid 50s, a string of double figure bream was reported from some of the reservoirs, headed by a fish of 11 lb 4 oz taken in Queen Mary Reservoir in July 1954. Many of the waters listed below are free fisheries. All, it should be emphasised, demand the possession of a TWA rod licence. Fishing in the Royal Parks A recent decision by the Department of the Environment has led to the introduction of annual permits for fishing in the lakes in these parks. This is designed to cover administrative costs and effect better management of the fishing, all of it coarse fishing. Permits for individual parks are available on postal application only to the Superintendent’s Office of the park concerned. Charges are modest and there are reduced rates for senior citizens and children aged between 10 and 16 years.


MayesbrookParkLC Free fishingTWA Wantz Boating LakeC Free fishingTWA


Barn Elms Reservoirs (5-8) These TWA reservoirs, open to all, offer coarse fishing (especially roach and carp) and one of them. No 5, has recently been converted into an experimental trout fishery, the stocking so far being with rainbows onlyCT(No5only)r(No 5) DT (except Christmas Day): (L 25 for No 5 only)K (Gatekeeper at reservoirs) or ARO (TWA Metropolitan Water Dvision New River Head, Rosebery Avenue, London; Tel: 01-837-3300, ext 26) ‘-Mar 15-Jun 15 (T, No 5); Rest normal (C) season(except No 5)TWA e

BATTERSEA Battersea Park LakeC

Free fishingTWAe

BETHNAL GREEN Victoria Park LakeC

Freefishing (7amto 10pm (Summer) to 4.30 pm (Winter) TWA CHINGFORD

Connaught WaterC

Free fishing TWA

King George’s Reservoir This 95- acre TWA reservoir offers coarse fishing and is leased to the London

AA who welcome season members.

Warren PondC


CLAPHAM COMMON Clapham Common PondsP Free fishingTWA COCKFOSTERS Trent ParkLC

DT:(L20)ToorARO(Park Manager, The Rookery, Trent Park, Cockfosters)TWAe DAGENHAM TheChaseGPC



Boyers LakesC



Bedfont FisheryGPC

WT:ATS (named on sign at entry to water) or ARO (Leisure Sport,

RMC House, High Street, Feltham,


Bedfont Road Lake This coarse fishery is part of the privately oper-ated Boyer’s Angling Scheme. It is season ticket fishing only; enquiries to William Boyer (Fishing), Trout Road, West Drayton, Middlesex.


Hainault Forest Lake’C DT: BTWA HAMPSTEAD Hampstead Ponds C Free fishingTWAe HAMPTON

Hampton Court and Bushy Park At

Hampton Court there are three ponds. Long Water, Willow Pond and the Rick. At Bushy there are three more, the Diana Fountain, Heron and Leg of Mutton ponds. All contain coarse fish. Permit applications to The Superintendent of Parks, Hampton Court Gardens, East Molesey, Surrey.


Kempton Park West Reservoir This is another TWA reservoir preserved for trout fishing, fly only being the rule. The number of rods is limited and tickets may be booked up to two months in advance, The water has produced brown trout to nearly 7 lb and rai nbow trout over that weight T DT: (L25)K(Gatekeeper. Advance telephone check advised to Sunbury 85333) or ARO (TWA, Metropolitan Water Division, New River Head, Rosebery Avenue, London EC1 4TO. Tel: 01-837-3300, ext.26)-=Apr1-Sept30TWAe


Harefield Lake This coarse fishery -which has yielded carp to 30 lb – is part of the privately operated Boyer’s Angling Scheme. It is season ticket fishing only. All enquiries to William Boyer (Fishing), Trout Road, West Drayton, Middlesex.

HARRINGAY Finsbury Park LakejC Free fishingTWA-HIGHGATE Highgate PondsC Free fishingTWA HYDE PARK

Serpentine Lake Fishing in Hyde Park is in this famous lake where coarse fish, including bream and carp, can be caught. Permit applications to The Superintendant of Parks, The Store Yard. Hyde Park, London W2. LITTLETON

Queen Mary Reservoir Another TWA reservoir, this water, like King George’s at Chingford, is leased to the London AA. Season membership is open to all. OSTERLEY

Osterley Park Lake Coarse fish, including bream and carp, can be caught. Permit applications to The Superintendent of Parks, Hyde Park, London, W2. PENGE

Crystal Palace Park Lake This may just seem like fishing in a park boating pool but it has produced surprises, not least pike to 28 lbC DT:KTWAe

RAINHAM Berwick Ponds’C DT: BTWA RICHMOND Pen Ponds These waters, in Rich-mond Park, offer coarse fish. Permit applications to The Superintendent of Parks, Bog Lodge, Richmond Park, Richmond, Surrey. ROMFORD Bedford Park LakeC DT:BTWA Chase fishery C


Dagnam Park PondsC

Free fishingTWA

Raphael Park Lake C



Ashmere A privately developed put-and-take trout fishery with a fly only rule, Ashmere fish average about 1} lb but browns have been caught over 6 lb, rainbows to 8 lb.


Eagle Pond C

Free fishingTWA


Grovelands Park L C




Southmere This lake was created in the new town of Thamesmead only four years ago. It opened for coarse fishing for the first time in 1976 and has been stocked with carp, chub, tench, perch, rudd and roach. The best fish taken so far: a mirror carp of 16 lbC DT:(L30)KTWAe


Tooting Common Lake C

Free fishing (subject to review)



Parklands LakeC


WALTHAMSTOW Walthamstow Reservoirs This huge complex of reservoirs offers an abundance of fishing on a ticket through the TWA. There is the chance of fly only fishing for trout, and coarse fishing. The complex includes the East Warwick, West Warwick, High Maynard, Low Maynard and Reservoirs Nos 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5CT (No. 1. Reservoir only)-(No. 1. Reservoir only) DT (except Christmas Day): (L25in No. 1 Reservoironly)K (Gatekeeper at reservoirs). Trout anglers are advised to check in advance to 01 -808-1527 or ARO (TWA Metropolitan Water Division, New River Head, Rosebery Avenue, London.Tel: 01-837-3300, ext 26’ -Apr 1 -Sept 30 (T) rest normal (C) seasonTWA WANDSWORTH

Wandsworth Common Lakes (2)C Free fishing TWA WEST DRAYTON Rodney Meadow This 12-acre lake holds a variety of coarse fish, including bream, pike and tench. Part of the Boyer’s Angling Scheme, it is season ticket only. All enquiries to William Boyer (Fishing), Trout Road, West Drayton, Middlesex. WHIPPS CROSS Hollow Pond C Free fishingTWA WOOD GREEN Alexandra Park Lake C Free fishingTWAe WOODFORD Knighton Wood Pond C Free fishingTWA