Blessed with excellent riverfishing, Hampshire also offers a wide variety of still water fisheries for both coarse and trout fishers. Like many other areas in the south, it has seen a noticeable growth in put-and-take trout fisheries. ALDERSHOT Badshot Lea Ponds C DT: K or ATS (Aldershot)TWA e ALRESFORD Ladywell LakesL (3)T -DT(nofon Mondays): ARO (Mr Dening, Arle House, Ladywell Lane, Alresford; Tel: Alresford 2317)=Apr1-Sept30SWA


Avington Fishery This water and its proprietor, Sam Holland, recently became internationally famous for the development of super fast growing rainbow trout, fish which would have been almost beyond the imagination in this country just a short time ago. The possibilities this has opened up for giving further incentives to the already rapidly developing Stillwater trout scene are already being demonstrated at other waters in the country. But nowhere has the impact been as great as at Avington. Just before the 1977 season was due to begin, Avington had produced seven of the 20 biggest rainbows ever seen in Britain, including the biggest three. In April 1977, this incredible fishery produced British and World fly caught rainbow records in just a few hours. Bucks farmer Alan Pearson beat the then existing records by 3 oz with a magnificent fish of 18 lb 7 oz. On the same day, he took fish of 13 lb 7 oz, 11 lb14ozand4lb8oz giving him the near incredible four-fish total of 48 lb 4 oz! On this same day five more double figure rain- bows were taken at Avington. Just five days after this record catch, Swindon angler Roy Hopkins broke the rainbow record again with a fish of 19 lb 2 oz. None of Aving-ton’s super rainbows was caught before 1975 and indeed since then no fewer than 54 weighing more than 10 lb apiece are believed to have been taken at AvingtonT DT: ARO (Avington Trout Fishery, Avington, Winchester.Tel: Itchen Abbas 312. Advance booking essential) Apr2-Sept30 v

The smallest salmon?

Everybody has heard about the biggest salmon taken on rod and line but what about that great rarity, the smallest? This is believed to be a fish of just 9 oz taken from Scotland’s River

Lochy in 1930. Netsmen took one of 1 lb from the Moray Firth in 1924 and two of the same weight turned up in nets in the

Aberdeenshire Dee in

December 1925.


Hatchet Pond This 50-acre pond in the New Forest is noted for its bream, some going 10 lb and more.

They are best sought in the deepest parts of the water. There are also roach and tench C

DT: AK (Information Caravan during camping season at



Middle LakeT-

DT: (L 10)K (Bailiff at Bickton Mill) orATel: Fordingbridge52412)



Botleigh Grange Lakes Situated in the grounds of the hotel from which it takes its name, thisfishery, consisting of two lakes, yields brown and rainbow trout averaging 1J lbT?-DT: AH (Botleigh Grange Hotel, Hedge End, Southampton)! cv


Charlton Gravel PitsC

FreefishingSWA Foxcote LakeC

DT: Under review. All ticket enquiries to AA(Andover AC)SWA CRAMPMOOR

Two Lakes Hailed as one of the most perfect examples of how good a man-made trout fishery can become, Two Lakes, the brainchild of Alex Behrendt, is one of the most notable big trout waters in the country. It has yielded numerous big rainbows, the best a 1974 fish weighing 12 lb 4 oz taken by Air Chief Marshal Sir Walter Morton. The best brown went 9 lb 11 oz. Season permits only are available here; all enquiries to Mr Behrendt at Two Lakes Fishery, Crampmoor, near Romsey, Hants.


Damerham Trout Fisheries Con-sisting of five landscaped man-made lakes, Damerham is a put-and-take fishery stocked with rainbow trout only. Fish average more than 2 lb – the biggest was a fish of 10 lb 8 oz taken in September 1976T? DT: K-Apr2-Oct31 WWAe


Leominstead Trout Fisheries (L) Another put-and-take trout fishery in the New Forest, this water offers browns and rainbows averaging 2 lb. The biggest browns have topped 6 lb and rainbows have been taken to 9 lb. Nearby, under the same management, is Min-stead Mill Lake, a coarse fishery, offering, among other things, sizeable carpT?-DT:(L12)ToorA(Tel:Lyndhurst 2610)=-Apr1-Oct30SWAe


Horns Farm A 5-acre lake stocked to maintain a head of trout of 100 lb to the acre. Horns Farm has produced rainbows to 6J Ib and browns to 2 lbT?-DT: ARO (Horns Farm, Lower Common, Eversley, near Basingstoke.Tel: Eversley 732076) Apr 1-Sept 30TWA FARNBOROUGH Farnborough Pits (Nos. 1, 2 & 3) (GP)C

DT: ATS (J. Raison, 2, Park Road, Farnborough) TWA Frimley Lakes (GP) (5) A Leisure Sport coarse fishery, this water offers specimen fish including roach to 25 Ib, tench to 6 Ib, perch to 3 Ib, carp to 20 Ib and crucian carp to 3 Ib plusC

WT: ATS (named on sign at entry to water) or ARO (Leisure Sport, RMC House, High Street, Feltham, Middlesex) TWAe

GOLDEN COMMON, TWYFORD Fisher’s PondC DT:K— SWA GRAYSHOTT Waggoners’ Wells (L) (3) Adminis-tered by the National Trust, one lake is stocked with brown trout (fish to 3 Ib) and the other two offer coarse fish, including carp, roach andtenchL(12)C(1lake)T(1 lake)?- DT:AKTS(Grayshott)P(Foxand Pelican, Grayshott)e KINGS SOMBORNE John O’Gaunt LakeLT’?’ DT: ARO (A. Simms, How Park Farm, Kings Somborne; Tel: Kings Somborne353. Advance booking advised)=Apr2-Oct16WWA LYNDHURST Minstead Mill Lake C DT: TO (Leominstead Trout Fishery, Emery Down)SWA PETERSF1ELD Heath LakeC Free to SWA rod licence holders (summer only)SWA RINGWOOD Blashford FisheryGP (3)C DT (also covers Ringwood Fishery): ATS (D. Swallow, 5 The Bridges, West Street, Ringwood) WWA Hightown Pit C DT: ATS (D. Swallow, 5 The Bridges, West Street, Ringwood) WWA Kingfisher Lake A privately operated coarse fishery, this lake offers fish to specimen size, including bream (to nearly 10 Ib), carp (to 30 Ib), roach (to 3 Ib) and tench (to 7 Ib). The number of rods permitted each day is strictly limitedC DT:(L8)ARO (Kingfisher House,

North Poulner Road,

Ringwood)—’ Jun 16-Dec aie

Ringwood FisheryGPC

DT (also covers Blashford Fishery):

ATS (D. Swallow, 5 The Bridges,

West Street, Ringwood)WWA


Allen’s Farm (L) (4) A put-and-take trout fishery stocked every week, this water offers browns (to 2 Ib plus) and rainbows (to 3 Ib plus)T’?-

DT: (L 16)TO-Mar 26-Oct 16 aae


DT: (L 10)ATS (9, Upper Brook Street, Winchester) or AAA (Winchester AC)SWAe WINCHFIELD

Bagwell Green This fishery consists of two lakes stocked with brown and rainbow trout. The fish average 1 Ib with the best brown reported at 5 Ib and the biggest rainbow, 3 lbT?-DT: AF(Greenways Farm, Winchfield)’-Apr 1 -Oct 20TWA e


LEDBURY Castlemorton LakeC



DT: ARO (Geltrend, Severnside South, Bewdley)STWA HERTFORDSHIRE

Though Hertfordshire offers a variety of still water fishing, there can be little doubt that the best known are the three waters which make up the Tring Reservoirs for it was here, in the early 30s, that there was an explosion of big bream catches -the biggest was a fish of 12 Ib 1oz taken in 1931. In its heyday, Tring yielded 8 of the 12 biggest bream reported in England, the smallest of these 11 Ib 8 oz! As so often happens, these fish suddenly vanished without trace although, as can be seen below, bream are now being caught again at Tring.

Batchworth Lake. See

Rickmansworth Aquadrome


Hatfield Forest Lake C

DT: AC (Mr. E. Everett, Shell House

Cafe, Bishops Stortford;. Tel:

Bishops Stortford 870447) -TWAe


Broxbourne pits (GP) (3) This Leisure Sport coarse fishery is another controlled by this organisation which offers the chance of specimen fish. The list of the biggest taken here so far is impressive: pike (to 26 Ib); carp (to 21 Ib 12 oz); tench (to 7 Ib 8 oz); bream (to 7 Ib 12 oz); roach (to 2 Ib 8 oz)C WT: ATS (named on sign at entry towater)orARO (Leisure Sport, RMC House, High Street, Feltham, Middlesex)TWAe

Bury Lake. See Rickmansworth



Cheshunt North ReservoirlC

DT: (L 12)AAA (Kings Arms & CheshuntAS)TWA ELSTREE

Aldenham ReservoirC

DT: BorAP(Fisherieslnn)— TWAe


Oughton Fisheries (L) Fed by a chalk stream, this recently opened put-and-take trout fishery offers fish averaging about 1J Ib apiece. Regularly stocked, it is fly only. Because of the rod limit, the prop-rietors strongly advise advance booking by telephoneT?’ DT:(L8)ToorATel:Hitchin4201 or52855)AWA HODDESDON

Crown Netherall Fishery This six-acre lake is regularly stocked . . . with rainbows onlyT DT: TO (Tel: Hoddesdon 61048 or 43013). -Mar 1-Sept30TWA

Marsworth Reservoir. See Tring

RICKMANSWORTH Rickmansworth Aquadrome (GP) (2) This complex, familiarly known as Bury Lake and Batchworth Lake, is controlled by the local council. It is an extremely popular fishery offering a variety of coarse fish, including bream, carp, pike and tenchC DT:BorAK

Rickmansworth FisheryGP (3)C WT: NB: This ticket also covers a section of the RiverColneATS (named on sign at entry to water) or ARO (Leisure Sport, RMC House, High Street, Feltham, Middlesex)TWA ST ALBANS Frogmore PitsGPC DT: BTWA

STANSTEAD ABBOTTS Stanstead Abbotts Pits (GP) (4) This recently opened Leisure Sport fishery includes bream, roach and tench. The ticket also covers fishing on a short section of the River


WT: ATS (named on sign at entry to water) or ARO (Leisure Sport,

RMC House, High Street, Feltham,


Startops Reservoir. See Tring

STEVENAGE Fairlands Valley Lake C DT: BTWA TRING Tring Reservoirs Three reservoirs, known as Marsworth, Startops and Wilstone. Once the home of Britain’s biggest bream, sport with this species is again improving and some extremely big bream bags have been reported. These waters also offer excellent sport with other coarse fish, including catfish (the biggest being the British record of 43 lb 8 oz taken from Wilstone in 1970) and specimen pike.

MARSWORTH Marsworth ReservoirC DT: KTWA Startops Reservoir C DT: KTWA WILSTONE Wilstone Reservoir C DT: K- — TWA WELWYN GARDEN CITY Stanborough LakeC DT: BTWA Wilstone Reservoir. See Tring