The Hull is the main artery of the complex network of becks, canals, land drains, and rivers which drain this part of south-east Yorkshire -now officially known as Humber-side. The Hull proper is generally considered to start at Strun-cheonhill Lock above which are gathered the West Beck, the Driffield Canal (also known as Driffield Beck) and a number of other minor waters. From Hempholme, the Hull flows due south to enter the Humber at the city which takes its name. The Hull offers some trout and good mixed coarse fishing, being particularly highly rated for pike. The fishing is free to all holders of YWA licences. Rod Licence: YWA Beverley, HumbsCFrom Beverley to Hempholme LockBB Free to holders of YWA Rod Licences!

Hull Tributaries

DRIFFIELD CANAL and FRODINGHAM BECK Draining the Yorkshire Wolds, these waters offer excellent chalk stream fishing for trout. They are carefully stocked and controlled by the Water Authority who offer ticket facilities for visitors. Two of the biggest brown trout ever seen in Britain were found dead ordying in Driffield Beck-a fish of 17lb8oz reported in 1832 and one of 15 lb 10 02 found in 1970. Brigham, HumbsMFrom 100 yds below Snakeholme Lockto junction with Frodingham BeckBB Free to holders of YWA Rod Licences!1? Wansford,HumbsCT-(Apr1-May 31 )3 miles from Driffield to Snakeholme Lock, WansfordLB DT: (L20)APO(Wansford)e

Frodingham, HumbsMFrom

Frodingham Bridgeto Hempholme


Free to holders of YWA Rod


Driffield Canal Record

Grayling: 3-14-0 D Sawyer date unknown this fish is a Yorkshire record for its species


This short canal links the village of

Leven with the River Hull, the canal flowing due west from Leven to join the river near Aike. It is a coarse fishery with roach the dominant species. Access is good.

Rod Licence: YWA

Leven, HumbsC6 miles (full length of canal)BB

DT: ATS (Everett’s, Beverley)