Loch Leven One of the most famous trout fisheries in the British Isles, this loch is noted for its fast growing native strain, a breed which have made the name synonymous with good fish and good fishing in so many places. The Loch Leven fish reckon to look more like sea trout than browns and, in the words of one of our informants, are bonny fighters. Here – where the rule is fly only -fish average 1 J — 2 lb though bigger fish to 4 and 5 lb are taken. In the latest season we have statistics for, returns showed a total of 19,327 trout for a total weight of 30,452 lb. Leven’s biggest brown was a fish of 9 lb 13 oz taken by Col. Scott in 1912. This water’s finest of many fine seasons was 1944 when 62,206 trout were caught for a total weight of 44,812 lb.

No bank fishing is permitted. All the fishing is from motor boats of which there are 42. Each boat is allowed to carry three anglers and, if desired, one non-fishing passenger. In view of the popularity of the water compared with the number of boats, it is obvious that advance booking is almost essential, especially for a party of anglers. In the latter instance, a popular feature of Leven fishing, the management recommend booking at least six months in advance.