Lancaster Canal

This is another of the really important canal fisheries of the North West. The canal was conceived to take coal from the southern part of Lancashire to the northern parts of the county, shipping agricultural produce on the southward journey. Opened early in the last century, the fishable section of the canal extends from Stainton in the north some 70 miles south via Carnforth,

Lancaster and Garstang to Preston. After variable results in the recent past, the canal is now said to be fishing extremely well, offering roach, bream, perch, pike and some tench. The once haphazard stocking policy for this canal -and that of some others in the north west – is now controlled with regular monitoring of fish stocks by the University of Salford deciding whether further fish are needed. The middle reaches between Preston and Lancaster around Garstang are currently considered the most productive. The fishing, which is entirely controlled by the Northern Anglers’ Association, also includes the Glasson arm of the canal, an extension near Gal-gate which links the Canal with the Lune estuary at Galgate. Rod Licence: NWWA Preston, LancsC57 miles from Stainton to Preston TP DT:B