Though Leicestershire had its fair share of still water fisheries, it could not previously have been viewed as one of the most famous for this type of fishing. Due to county boundary changes incorporating Rutland into Leicestershire, it now contains the most exciting still water fishing project ever seen in the British Isles – Rutland Water. This huge water -opened in May 1977 – is twice as big as Grafham, the reservoir that gave reservoir trouting its biggest boost back in the 60s. Since it was treated with Rotenone to kill all coarse fish, Rutland Water has been stocked at the rate of more than 70,000 trout a year and is certain to be hailed as the greatest trout fishery in Europe, not just the British Isles. So big an impact is it expected to make that theAWAare already advertising it on the Continent as an attraction for angling tourists. Further details below. ASFORDBY Frisby Gravel Pits C No DT but block bookings accepted for parties up to 50 for match or pleasure fishing on daily basis AAA STWA ASHBY DE LA ZOUCH Willesley LakeC DT: K (cottageat lakeside)TS (Measham)STWA BARROW ON SOAR Procter’s Park Lake PC DT:BTM(atparkentrance)STWA

BELVOIR CASTLE Belvoir Castle Lakes (2)C DT: Kor ARO (EstateOffice, Belvoir Castle)STWA

Special points to note • ghillieavailable open season if different from normal Sundayfishingnot available -WA Water Authority (for rod licence and close season) 3 no rod licence required special regulations apply

EARL SHILTON Mallory Park Lakes (4)C DT: TO (racecourse ticket office)Big lake open all year; rest as normalISTWA




Rutland Water (R) Originally named Empingham Water, the name was changed for its first opening fort routing in May 1977 to commemorate the end of what was once Britain’s smallest county. Undoubtedly the biggest happening in still water trout fishing, every statistic about this water is staggering. Here are just a few. Surface area: 3,100 acres. Bank space: 24 miles. Capacity: 27,300 million gallons. Car park accommodation: 3,000 cars. Esti-mated annual cost of fishery opera-tion: £163,375. Estimated annual income: £170,000. There is a head warden, five full-time wardens, three part-timers and others. The reservoir comes complete with its own trout hatchery.

The stocking of Rutland Water has been the most massive ever seen and the hope is that, just as happened at Grafham, the fish will thrive abundantly on the newly flooded rich agricultural land which now lies beneath the reservoir surface. Stocking has been in favour of rainbows over browns by 2 to 1 and it is expected fish of more than 3 lb will be common, just as they were in Grafham’s heyday only here it is hoped there will be even more of them!

It should be added that Rutland Water will also cater for other open air pursuits, including sailing, rowing, and bird watching, the latter on a section reserved as a nature reserve. When full to capacity, Rutland Water will have two long arms separated by what is being called the Hambleton peninsula. The main fishing lodge will be on the northernmost bank near WhitwellT-

DT: TOTM or ARO (AWA, North Street, Oundle) x A -ve KIRBY BELLARS

KirbvBellars Lake,GP T

DT: (L30)B (Sat p.m. And Sun)TO (Weekdays and Sat a.m.) =Apr 1-



Knipton Reservoir These waters, administered by the Belvoir Castle

Estates, offer excellent coarse fishing. Knipton is specially famous for producing one of the best authenticated big pike in Eng- land: a fish of 39 lb taken by Give

Loveland in 1967. See also Belvoir

Castle Lakes, aboveC

DT: Kor ARO (EstateOffice,

Belvoir Castle)STWA


Old Manor PondjC



Procter’s Pleasure ParkLC

DT(NB: ticket also includes fishing on RiverSoarwhereitbordersthe grounds)TM (at entrance to grounds) JSTWA


DT (from 7 a.m.): B(Satp.m.and

Sun)TO (Weekdays and Sat a.m. At lake entrance) STWA


Thornton ReservoirT

DT:(L25)AP(Bulls Head, Main

Street, Thornton) x STWA


Eyebrook Reservoir Though almost certain to be overshadowed by Rutland Water , Eyebrook has, nevertheless, always been among the more highly rated of the English reservoir trout fisheries though some protest at an abundance of special regulations, not least the unusual prohibition of the use of shooting heads. Whatever the counter attractions nearby, Eyebrook must be rated much more than useful. Its average yield per season is more than 20,000 trout over 1 lb, a fact which underlines the claim sometimes made that this water offers a better chance of a bag of fish rather than simply big fish. It should notbefor-gotten, however, that Eyebrook has produced some big trout, not least the 10 lb 4 oz brown taken by the late great Cyril Inwood in 1955. This remains the record for the water. The reservoir has its own hatcheries and is regularly stocked T-

DT:TOTMx (on advance booking only from Corby District Water Co, Geddington Road, Corby or during season at Fishing Lodge. Tel: Rockingham264)Apr 1 -Sept 30AWAe

W1GSTON -Saddington ReservoirC


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