For its size, Lincolnshire offers less opportunity for trout fishing than anywhere in England – no surprise in this largely Fenland county so noted for the amount and quality of its coarse fishing. To the best of our knowledge, only three trout fly fisheries are available to the public. All are noted below. And while there is an abundance of small lakes and ponds offering coarse fish, many of these are neglected in favour of the river and land drain fishing which exists by the scores of miles. Many of the smaller still waters are controlled by associations or small village clubs and are private though bona fida visitors may find themselves welcome if they make their enquiries thoroughly enough.

AUTHORPE Gouldsbra’s PitC DT: BAWA


Chapel St Leonards Lakes (3) C T (1 lake only)

DT: TO (boating lake office) AWA


Denton ReservoirC

DT: ATS (at Grantham or Watson’s, Nottingham)AWA HOGSTHORPE

Hill View Fishery (L) (2) This is one of the few put-and-take trout fisheries in this part of the country. Only recently opened, it has been widely welcomed by trout anglers in the area. Stocked weekly, it offers rainbows only, averaging just over 1 lb with the biggest going 4 lb. A second lake offers coarse fishingCT

DT: (L 15)Kor ARO (K. and M. R. Raynor, 19, St Leonard’s Drive, Chapel St Leonard’s, near Skegness) ‘–Apr2-Oct 31 (T& C)AWAe


Boultham Park LjC DT:BAWAe

Hartsholme Lake C DT:BAWAe

Swanholme Lakes A privately owned complex of lakes on the out-skirts of the city, Swanholme offers brown and rainbow trout fishing with individual fish going 7 lb in two of these waters. Coarse fishing is available all year round in other lakes, the main attraction being the biggest at 44 acresCT (Mar 1-Sept 30) -(Trout)

DT:KorAK(J.Wainwright,tel: Lincoln 63175)AWA


Toft Newton Reservoir This put-and-take trout fishery opened only recently under the direct management of the AWA. The reservoir is literally a concrete dish and itcould not be described as a beautiful place to fish. Nevertheless, the quality of sport enjoyed so far has made it extremely popular. It is stocked at least once a fortnight with browns and rainbows, with the accent strongly on the latterT’?-

DT: (L40)Toor ARO (AWA, Lines River Divn, 50, Wide Bargate, Boston. Tel: Boston 65661 )Apr 9-Sept30AWAe


Revesby Reservoir C

DT: ARO (Revesby Estate Office,

Revesby) AWA


Vicker’s PondC

DT (not Sun): TO (Vicker’s Shop close to pond)AWA


Brookside FisheriesLC

DT: Atel: Mr Cyril Booth at

Spa If ord 2341 AWA

North Scarle Ponds (3)C



Lakeside LidoC

DT: TO (Caravan Parkoffice)AWA


Cartwright’s PondC



Susworth Ponds (4) A small but, to some, significant fact about this water is that in 1971 it produced the

British record gudgeon … a monster of 4 ozlC

DT: A(Harrison’s, Newsagents,

Keadby BridgeTS (Bennett’s,

Scunthorpe)P (White Swan,