Rising at Forest Row in Sussex, the Medway flows north-east via Ton-bridge and Maidstone to enter the Thames estuary through a large

Medway Records

Match Catch Records: 4 hour42-8-0 Kthorpe in club match at Teston Aug 1 6 hour 65-0-0 W Simmons in club match at Wateringbury date unknown

Carp: 23-8-0 P Tillett (worm) Oct 1

Chub: 7-9-0 R Maxey (cheesepaste)

Feb 1

Perch: 5-4-0 R Dunkley Dec 1

Pike: 27-8-0 two of same weight captors & dates unknown

Roach: 2-7-0 (2) J Larraman (hemp) date unknown; Kthorpe (flake) date unknown estuary of its own below Rochester. In its middle and lower reaches, the Medway is a popular coarse fishery with bream a particularly prized quarry. In the upper reaches above Tonbridge, where ticket facilities become hard if not impossible to find, some sections are stocked with trout. Rod Licence: SWA

Maidstone, KentC3 miles from a point between Barming Bridgesto


Free fishing

Maidstone, KentC2 miles from

Maidstone to Aylesford LockTP

Free fishing

Tonbridge, KentCat Blackfriars

Meadow, Tonbridge


Tonbridge, Kent C 1J miles from

Town Lock to Eldridge Lock LB


Wateringbury, KentC1 mile at


DT: AC (Riverside Cafe,


Yalding,KentC200 yards upstream of Yalding SluicesTP


Yalding, KentC3i miles from a point 200yards below East Lock continuing downstreamTP

DT (weekdays only): B

Yalding, KentCJ mile upstream of

Yalding BridgeRB


Yalding, KentC5 miles from Yalding to a point below Barming Bridge (with the exception of a section at Wateringbury)TP DT: AAA (Maidstone Victory A and M.P.S.)