Medway Tributaries

BARTLEY MILL STREAM A tributary of the Teise, this water offers some chance of ticketfishing for trout.

Tunbridge Wells, KentCBetween Lamberhurst and Bells Yew GreenBB DT: ARO (Postal application to Estate Office, Little Bayham, Lamberhurst)G (The Forge Garage, Little Bayham, during working hours, weekdays only) closed Oct 30-Mar 311 aa e BEULT A river which has produced some excellent coarse fish, especially chub and bream, the Beult rises to the west of Ashford and flows north-west to join the Medway near Yalding. Though ticket fishing is non-existent, there is some opportunity to gain access via membership of associations. EDEN (Kent) Rising in western Kent, the Eden travels via Edenbridge and Pen-shurst to link with the Medway near Tonbridge. Also rated a good coarse fishery, it is again a question of seeking access through association membership. Penshurst, KentCT – (Apr 1-Jun 15) 3mileatSalman’sFarmRB DT:AF (Salman’s Farm)Jun 16-Mar15 TEISE Rising in mid-Kent on the Weald, the Teise flows north through Lam-berhurst and Goudhurst to join the Medway near Yalding. Stocked with trout in its middle and upper reaches, coarse fish tend to predominate lower down. Ticket opportunities are nil though one association with fishing open to all is the London Anglers’ Association. Meece. See R. Trent Meese. See R. Severn