Land of the Broads, Norfolk is an angler’s paradise. Because of their importance, the Broads (and the rivers associated with them) are dealt with separately in a special section of their own in this Guide, see 299. There are more still-water opportunities in this county than those presented by the Broads and these are listed below. Though trout fishing is hard to find, there are numerous excellent Stillwater coarse fisheries. AYLSHAM Blickling Hall LakeC DT: A (C. Clarke, Ironmonger, Aylsham)orARO (AWA Fisheries Dept, Norwich)AWA Wolterton Park Lake Stately home fishing with the big attraction of an excellent head of tench with individual fish going 4 Ib. Among other coarse fish here are sizeable rudd C DT: (L4)AK(N. Grand, Head Gardener, Wolterton Hall)AWA BILUNGFORD Billingford PoolGPM DT: B or ATS (Fanthorpe’s, Dereham) AWA CAWSTON

Booton Clay Pits These two lakes offer some chance of big bream (to 9 Ib) and tench (to nearly 7 Ib). Other coarse fish are also presentC

DT: B or ATS (Clarke’s, Aylsham; Fairfields Stores, Cawston) AWA DISS Diss Mere (L) This water offers the chance to catch crucian carp in numbers though individual fish do not go big, 1i Ib being about optimum size. There are also some common, leather and mirror carp into double injure:. C DT:ATS(Diss)AWA DOWNHAM MARKET Stradsett Lake This small stately home fishery is controlled by King’s Lynn AA who offer seasonal membership, a separate and more expensive membership being necessary to gain access to Strad-sett. Big catches of bream and tench have been reported here.

EAST DEREHAM Swanton Morley FisheryL (3)C DT (also covers mile (LB) River Wensum): AK (J. James, 12, North Park, Fakenham)TS (L Bryer, Norwich Street, Fakenham)AWA

ELMHAM Elmham LakeC

DT: K (Gatehouse at entry to grounds)AWAe


Gunton Park Lake C



Weybread Gravel Pits Three pits on the Suffolk side of the Waveney offer mixed coarse fishing with the chance of some fish of specimen size, including pike to 20 lbC DT: ATS (G. Denny, Market Place, Harleston)G (Brockdish Service Station, Brockdish, Diss) AWA

HAVER1NGLAND Haveringland LakeC DT: AK (Resident Warden’s Caravan on site) or ARO (AWA Fisheries Dept, Norwich)AWA


Hevingham Lake Crucian carp here can reach the specimen weight of

Ib plus. Rudd are also presentC

DT: Aat bungalow at entrance


Norton WaterLC

DT: Aat bungalow at entranceAWA

LENWADE Bridge Lakes C DT: BAWA Station LakesC DT: BAWA The Warren Lake Blessed with an excess of pike, many of them small, this lake can offer fun with the smaller jacks though fish over 20 Ib have been caught. Carp, roach, rudd and tench are here tooC DT: ARO (The Secretary, The Warren Estates, Great Witchingham, Norfolk. NB: these tickets booked in advance by postal application)! —(4. Tel: Great Witchingham 674to enquire about availability of boats) AWA e LETHERINGSETT Letheringsett Lake C Free fishingAWA LODDON

Hardley Marshes (also known as

Loddon Floods)C

DT: ATS (P. Nicholls, Market Place,


LUDHAM Womack WaterC

Free fishing from accessible points and from boatsAWA PORINGLAND PoringlandPitsGP(3)C

Free fishingAWA


Ringland Lakes (GP) (7) These pit fisheries – not to be confused with Taverham pits – are controlled by the Leisure Sport group and offer a reasonable chance of big bags of bream and tench with individual fish in excess of 6 lb. These waters have recently been stocked with common carp. The ticket includes a short section of the River WensumC

DT: Kor AG (Wensum Motors, West End, Old Costessey, Norwich)! AWAe Taverham Pits (GP) (3) Also known as Costessey Pits, this fishery is controlled by the Anglian Water Authority. It contains big coarse fish including carp to 20 lb and roach to 3 lb. Patrolling bream and tench shoals can produce sizeable catches. The biggest bream have gone 9 lb but the tench tend to be around 2 lbC

Free fishing to AWA (Suffolk & Nor-folk Div) Rod Licence holdersAWA WELLS-NEXT-THE-SEA Holkham LakeC DT: ARO (Holkham Estate Office) =Jun16-Sept1aAWAe


Waveney Valley Lakes (7) This fishery contains really big coarse fish. Recently quoted records included carp (to 31 lb 12 oz), bream (to 9 lb), crucian carp (3 lb oz). Other coarse fish species, like roach, rudd and pike, are also presentC

DT: TO (Site shop at Caravan


North Yorkshire. See Yorkshire