Rother (Sussex and Kent)

Rising at Rotherfield in Sussex, the Rother flows eastwards picking up a number of minor tributaries en route to Bodiam. From here it continues via Newenden to join with the Royal Military Canal near Iden. It is here that the river starts to turn south to its estuary at Rye. In the upper reaches, it is mixed fishing with coarse fish and trout, concentrations of the former increasing the further the angler moves downstream. The river also attracts sea trout and runs of these fish aresaid to be increasing. The mullet and bass fishing in the estuary is highly rated. Ticket opportunities are reasonable. Rod Licence: SWA Bodiam, E SussexCT3 miles above and below villageBB DT(Mon-Fri): AlBodiam Stores. At weekend DT’B (if water not booked for matches)

Iden Bridge, KentC1 mile from Iden Bridgedown to Scots FloatRB Free fishing Newenden, KentC 12 miles from Robertsbridgetolden (except 3 miles at Bodiam)BB DT: A(B. Hart, Riverside Cottages, Newenden) Rye, EsussexC2-I miles from Rye toWittershamBB DT: ATS (Rye) P (Bedford Arms, Rye) or AAA for block bookings only write J. Fiddimore, Iden Kennels, Coldharbour Lane, Rye, E Sussex)

Rother Tributaries


Rising near Sedlescombe, the Brede flows east to meet the Rother at Rye. It offers coarse fish and the occasional trout with some access for the visitor.

Rye, E SussexCJ milefrom Rye to pillboxon riversideRB DT (Rye) or AAA (Rye and District AS) TILLINGHAM

Formed by a meeting of streams near Broad Oak, the Tillingham flows almost parallel with the Brede to the south until it, too, links with the Rother at Rye. It offers coarse fishing with chances for visiting anglers.

Rye, E SussexC3J milesfrom Rye to Hundred House LaneBB DT: ATS (Rye) or A AA (Rye & District AS) Rye IN Yorks). See R. Ouse (Yorks) Ryton. See R.Trent

St Allen

A small Cornish river which offers free fishing for trout near Truro. It rises close by Zelah on the A road.

Rod Licence: SWWA

Truro, CornwallTEntire river in area

Free fishing (provided permission is obtained in advancefrom RO)

St Patrick’s Stream. See R.


Salwarpe. See R. Severn

Santon Burn. See Isle of Man