Rising on the southern slopes of Cruachan Lochain (1,666 feet), this river flows south west through Glendaruel Forest to enter saltwater Loch Riddon below Clachan of Glendaruel. It offers salmon, sea trout and trout. Best: Jul-Sept. SOS: Feb 16-Aug 31 (Net); Feb 16-Oct 31 (R&L)

Clachan of Glendaruel, Argylls, StrathclydeTSTS?-3 mile from church to Otter Ferry road bridgeLB

DT:AH (Glendaruel Hotel, Clachan of Glendaruel) Sark

This small Dumfriesshire river – it is about ten miles long – enters the Solway Firth just below Gretna Green. For more than half its length, the river follows the border line of England and Scotland. In addition to trout, the Sark also attracts sea trout, sport with the latter being best from July onwards. The river also offers chub with fish averaging 2 lb. SOS: Feb 25-Sept 9 (Net); Feb 10-Nov 15 (R&L)

Gretna Green, Dumfries, Dumfries &GallowayCTM3 mile from mouth of river to A75 at GretnaRB DT: A(Rigg Shop, Rigg)P (Hunters Lodge, Gretna Green; Solway Lodge, Gretna Green) or AAA (Gretna Green AA)Mar15-Oct 7 (T);Mar15-Oct31ST&Herling)