This canal links the Wyreley and Essington Canal (at Pelsall Junction) with the Tame Valley Canal to the south at Rushall Junction. The British Waterways Board describe the water quality as exceptionally good throughout. The badly hit by the roach disease of the mid 60s but since 1972 restocking has been carried out by the Board who now say stocks are good, especially citing carp. One five-mile section (Rushall Junction – Northywood Bridge) is controlled by the Board themselves with access for anyone. Contests can also be booked on this length by applying (with sae) to the BWB Bailiff, Lock House Cottage, Park Hall Road, Walsall, Staffs. Rod Licence: STWA Walsall, W MidsC5 miles between Rushall Junction and Northywood BridgeTP


Walsall, WmidsC3 mile from Walsall Wood BridgeTP No DT but availablefor competitions. Apply Stinchcombe & Cooper AC TAME VALLEY CANAL This canal links the Birmingham and Fazeley (at Gravelly Hill) with the Walsall Canal to the east at Tame Valley Junction. Though it contains some fish, little can be discovered about its current potential and it must be counted a dubious proposition.


This water links the Birmingham Level (at Padding Green junction) with the Wyreley and Essington north of Walsall. It, too, must be considered doubtful for the only association with fishing on it to contact us said there were no fish in their section at all at the momentl


This canal leaves the Birmingham Canal near Wolverhampton (at Horseley Fields Junction) to flow north-east past Walsall to terminate near Brownhills. Yet again, the quality of the fishing must be considered debatable. One association told us they did not wish to encourage visitors because they were ashamed of the state their fishing was in. Another wrote to say they were terminating their lease as efforts to develop their particular section of the canal had proved ‘a hopeless proposition’. The message is obvious. Rod Licence: STWA (Trent Rivers Division)