Rising to the north of Liskeard, the Seaton flows south, following the B3247 in its lower reaches, to enter the sea at Seaton itself. In addition to brown trout, the river attracts some sea trout from May onwards, the size declining after June. Rod Licence: SWWA Hessenford, CornwallTSTS 1 milefrom Seatontowards HessenfordRB

DT: A(B. G. Wilson, The Bruff, Rilla Mill,Callington)TS Hessenford, CornwallTFrom point below Hessenford Bridge to pointabove Keveral MillRB DT(notafterOct15):ATS(P. Gardner, Southgate Street, Launceston; W. S. Buckingham, 40, Fore Street, Callington; Borterell’s, 6, Fore Street, Liskeard)PO (Rilla Mill, Callington) or AAA(Liskeard &DistAC)

Semington Brook. See R. Avon (Bristol) Sence. See R.Trent Seph. See R. Ouse (Yorks) Seven. See R. Ouse (Yorks)



C coarse T trout ST sea trout S salmon M mixed fly only Location downstream LB left bank RB right bank BB both banks AB alternating banks TP tow path Type of water (L) lake (P) pond (R) reservoir (GP) grave! Pit

Ticket control r hotel fishery requiring residence DT: day ticket available: WT: weekly ticket available: (L) day tickets limitedto number shown on any one day B on bank TO from ticket office TM from ticket machine K from keeper or bailiff or A can be bought in advance A must be bought in advance AA from Angling

Association/club TS from tackle shop K from keeper or bailiff (not on site) P from pub H from hotel F from farmer RO from riparian owner C from cafe G from garage PO from post off ice Boats available x rowing boat — punt motor boat

Special points to note • ghillie available = open season if different from normal Sunday fishing not available -WA Water Authority (for rod licence and close season) re no rod licence required special regulations apply