This little drain is a tributary of Warping Drain. Less than half a mile long, it rises east of Finningley to flow east into the Warping Drain. When the Warping Drain was hit by pollution in 1976, thousands of rescued fish were transferred into the Snow Sewer with the result that it is now teeming with coarse fish, especially roach and large tench and bream.

Idlestop, NottsC1 mile near Park Drain HotelBB (where accessible) DT: AP (Park Drain Hotel) or Mrs Wilson. Beech Cottage, Main Street, Owston Ferry SOAR

One of the most important tributaries of the Trent, the Soar, like the main river itself, is on the mend after several waves of pollution. Rising south of Leicester, the Soar flows northwards through the city and on through Loughborough to join the Trent below Kegworth. It is a coarse fishery which offers many opportunities for visitors. In its lower reaches it tends to be heavily match-booked at weekends in the height of the season. Barrow-upon-Soar, LeicsC3 miles from Mountsorrel to Barrow-upon-SoarLB

DT: (L60)AK(E. Lewin, 15, High Street, Barrow-upon-Soar) Kegworth, LeicsC500 yards from road bridge to first lockRB DT: B or ATS (Long Eaton)

Kegworth, LeicsCFrom Nottingham AA notice board below Kegworth Bridge to Kingston Dyke (known as Beeby’s Meadow)LB DT:B

Kegworth, LeicsC2milesfrom Kegworth Flood Lock to Ratcliffe Lock (including Ratcliffe Deep)TP DT: ATS (Long Eaton)jP (Anchor Inn, Kegworth)

Leicester, LeicsC1 mile within Abbey Park, LeicesterBB Free fishing

Loughborough, LeicsC 10 miles from Barrow Locks to Sutton


DT:ATSP (Roseand Grown,


Mountsorrel, LeicsCExtensive fishery from a point above Rothley Brock to Thackholme Deeps, with some gaps. NB: A detailed map of thisfishing isobtainablefrom Leicester TSAB DT:B

Quorndon, LeicsSmall section bordering Procter’s Pleasure Park (for detail see Still Waters for Quorn, Leics)

RatcliffeonSoar, LeicsjC1 mile from Soar Mouth extending upstreamLB DT: (L2 on Sunday because of matches)B or AAA (Granville AC) Redhill Lock, LeicsC 1J miles from lock to junction with Trent BB DT: K (Keeper at Redhill Lock) SOW

This Staffordshire tributary of the Trent flows through Stafford to join the right bank of the Trent above Rugeley. It is a coarse fishery which produces the occasional trout. Facilities for visitors are reasonable.

Great Bridgcford, Stnffs.Ci 1 mile below Great Bridgeford and at WorstanHallAB DT: AAA(Whitmore Reans CAA) Stafford, StaffsC1 mile at Baswick (from Ladder Bridge to cottages below Brancote Sewage Works, LB; from Ladder Bridge to Walton Canal Bridge, RB); 2 miles at Creswell (from Rail Bridge to embankment, RB; from Spinney to Motorway boundary, LB); 2 miles at Doxey (from Gasholder notice board to Doxey Brook, LB) DT: ATS (Stafford) or AjAA (Izaak Walton, Stafford, AA) Stafford, StaffsCJ mile upstream oftownLB Freefishing

Stafford, StaffsC6 miles from near Great Bridgeford to Brancote DT: ATS (K. Exton, Stafford) -Association: IzaakWalton (Stafford) AA.


The Tame rises near Walsall and flows through Birmingham. Some associations are now showing interest in leasing parts of the lower reaches of this once barren river.


Rising near Maltby in Yorkshire, the Tome flows north-east to enter the Trent at Keadby, near Scun- thorpe. Another rapidly improving coarse fishery, the Tome is currently yielding excellent roach among other species. Access for the visitor is good. Keadby, LincsC9milesfrom Keadby through to Acornb Bar BridgeBB DT: AP (Cross Keys, Wroot)


This drain rises near the Park Drain Hotel not far from the North Lincolnshire village of Haxey. From there it flows east to join the Trent at Owston Ferry. Re-stocking is expected to make good the pollution of 1976.

Owston Ferry, NottsC3 miles from below Park Drain Hotel, Idlestop to junction with R. Trent’BB DT: AP Park Drain Hotel, Idlestop) or Mrs Wilson, Beech Cottage, Main St., Owston Ferry. WHISTON BROOK A short tributary of the River Penk which rises near Wheaton Aston, this stream joins the Penk near Whiston (Staffs). Penkridge, StaffsCFrom Preston Mill Farm down to confluence with PenkLB

DT: AAA (Whitmore Reans CAA) WREAKE

Rising on the eastern border of Leicestershire, the Wreake flows west to join the Soar just downstream of Leicester. Melton Mowbray, LeicsC Sections at Melton, Asfordby, Frisby and Hoby controlled by Leicester AS. NB: Detailed map of this fishery obtainable from LeicesterTSAB DT:B

Thrussington, LeicsCFrom a point above Brooksby to Rearsby MilKNB: there are gaps not covered by this ticket). Detailed maps of this fishery are obtainable from LeicesterTSAB DT:B


This tributary of the Derbyshire Derwent which rises near Buxton to flow through Bakewell before joining the mainstream at Rowsley together with the Thames tributary, the Chess, are the only waters in which rainbow trout breed naturally. For this reason, the Wye, and part of the Derwent near the junction, is the only water in Britain where a close season is laid down officially for rainbows. It also offers brown trout and grayling with fly only a strict rule. Bakewell, DerbysT – (dry only) 151 milesfrom Ashfordto Rowsley BB Rutland Arms, The Square.

T:Bakewell2812.17 rooms (4vi 1) and ooPeacock, Rowsley. T:Darley Dale 3518.15 rooms (4J “j. Annexe6rooms (1l)I -May16-Nov15’e

Baslow, DerbysC (Grayling only) T-14J miles from Cressbrook Mill to Ashford Marble Works Cavendish.T:Baslow2311. 13 rooms (all t)I. Apr15-Sept Trothy.SeeR.Wye Troutbeck. See Lake District