Excellent still water opportunities exist for the visiting angler in Somerset whether he seeks trout or coarse fish. All the better known waters are included in the list below. AXBRIDGE

Cheddar Reservoir One of the excellently administered Bristol Waterworks group of waters, Cheddar is a coarse fishery with the accent on roach and pike though it produced a major surprise in 1962 when it yielded one of the biggest brown trout ever seen in England -a fish of 13 lb. Matches are permitted here by prior arrangement: enquiries to Bristol Waterworks Co, Woodford Lodge, Chew Stoke, Bristol C DT:Tmtse

BRIDGWATER Ashford ReservoirC

DT: ATS (Bridgwater, Langport andHighbridge)WWAe Bridgwater Docks (disused canal basins)C

DT (Bridgwater)WWA

Combwich Ponds C

DT: ATS (at Bridgwater, Langport andHighbridge)WWA

Dunwear Ponds (5)C

DT: ATS (at Bridgwater, Langport andHighbridge)WWAe

Durleigh Reservoir A popular trout fly fishery operated by the WWA, Durleigh fish average more than 1 lb. Well stocked, the record fish for the water were: brown trout (5 lb 8 oz); rainbow (6 lb)Tr DT:Totee

Screech Owl Ponds C

DT: ATS (at Bridgwater, Langport andHighbridge)WWAe


Perry Street Pool PC

DT: ATS (Chard)SWWAe

CHURCHINGFORD Otterhead Lakes (2) Near the head of the River Otter closetothe Black-down Hills, these waters have been stocked by the WWA with brown and rainbow trout. Fish average less than 1 lb with anything over that weight rated goodT DT:TOEB CLATWORTHY

Clatworthy Reservoir Lying on the edge of Exmoor close to the national park, this reservoir offers five miles of shoreline in a water well stocked by the WWA. Fish average 1 lb with the best 4 lb and moreTr DT:TO-ffle


Exe Valley Fisheries (L) This is another of the private put-and-take fisheries which has made a big impact with sizeable rainbowtrout.

The biggest, according to our records, was a fish of 13 lb taken in

July 1974. It has yielded three more rainbows over 12 lb, one of 11 lb, and two over 10 lb! The two lakes which make up the fishery are stocked at least once a fortnightT?-

DT: (L 8 per session, two sessions per day, changeover time 2 pm) K or ARO (Exe Valley Fishery,

Exebridge, Dulverton.Tel:

Dulverton 23328) =Apr4-Sept 30 S WWA


Newtown PondC

DT: ATS (P. Thyer, Church Street,

Highbridge, open Sun from 6. am)WWAe


Chargot WaterPT

WT: A K (C. Catley, Ponds Cottage,

ChargotRO (Col Sir E. Malet,

Chargot, Luxborough, Watchet,

Som.)= -Apr 1-Sept30tf


Hawkridge ReservoirT



Sutton Bingham Reservoir

Another of the WWA fisheries in this area, Sutton Bingham has fishing from five miles of shoreline for brown and rainbow trout averaging more than 1 lb. Its best fish have gone nearly 4 lbT?-DT:TO-hve

South Yorkshire. See Yorkshire