Twelve miles south of Girvan, the Stinchar flows into the sea at Ballantrae and is a salmon river of some note – mainly as a back-end water capable of producing some hefty salmon each season despite its moderate size. Netting returns declare one fish of morethan 60 lb. The Stinchar is very much dependent on rain, and rises and falls very quickly over its 30 mile length. Trout fishing is mediocre but the sea trout begin to run in July and from around this period salmon results begin to pick upand improve as the season progresses into the late autumn. SOS: Feb 25-Sept 9 (Net); Feb 25-Oct 31 (R&L)

Barr, Ayrs, StrathclydeTSTS 11} miles from BarrtoMiltonRB DT: AH (King’s Arms, Barr. This hotel can arrangesalmonfishing on otherfamous beats of the Stinchar)

Colmonell, Ayrs, Strathclydc TSTS 3 miles in areaBB DT:(L6)AK(S.Scobie, Knockdolian Estate, Colmonell)Mar1-Oct31 Pinwherry, Ayrs, StrathclydeTS Fishing near Pinwherry DT: AH (Daljarrock Hotel, Pinwherry)

Stinchar Tributary


A small stream flowing north-west to the Stinchar at Pinwherry.

Barrhill, Ayrs, Strathclyde TSTS1 J miles at Pinwherry BB DT: AH (Commercial Hotel, Barrhill)Apr1-Oct31i

Tarf. See R. Bladnoch