Most of the Stillwater fishing in this area is included in our special Norfolk & Suffolk Broads section . It is coarse fishing country. HEVENINGHAM Heveningham LakeC DT (not before noon):TO (kiosk at lake)AWAe HOLBROOK Mill LakeC DT:ARO (Mill House, Holbrook)AWA LOWESTOFT

Flixton Decoy (L) This coarse fishery offers bream, roach and tench of reasonable size. Small rudd are the main feeders. The lake has also been stocked with crucian carpC

DT:(L20)KorAK(N. Johnston, Farf ield, Flixton, Lowestoft. Tel: Lowestoft 730568 or 730426rAWA WICKHAM SKEITH Wickham Skeith MerePC Free fishingAWA