Surrey offers more than reasonable Stillwater opportunities for coarse and trout fishermen but many waters are private, not least because their close proximity to London means the demand is great. Similarly many season permit fishingsalready have fartoo long waiting lists. CAMBERLEY Mytchett LakeC DT:BKTWA

Yateley Pits This large concentration of gravel pit fishing is controlled by Leisure Sport and is one of their fisheries which can only be fished on a season permit. Coarse fish of specimen size for a number of species have been reported and the stocking policy is progressive. Permit enquiries to Leisure Sport (Angling Dpt), RMC House, High Street, Feltham, Middlesex.


Old Bury Hill Lake This beautiful lake in a magnificent setting offers superb coarse fishing with several species going specimen size. Occa-sional matches are arranged here by the ownerC DT:(L100)BxwSWAe


Lodge PondC

DT: ATS (King & Sons, 3, South

Street, Farnham)TWA

FRENSHAM Frensham PondsC


Waggoners’ Wells (L) (3) Adminis-tered by the National Trust, one lake is stocked with brown trout (fish to 3 lb) and the other two offer coarse fish, including carp, roach and tenchT?-

DT: K (The Warden, Waggoners Wells, nearHindhead) & HASCOMBE Winkworth Lakes (2)T?-DT: (L one boat each lake, 2 rods perboat)ARO(CdrJ.A.H. McKean, RN, Thicketts, Hascombe Road, Godalming. All applications by post in envelope marked ‘Fishing’) =Apr 15-Sept 301 TWA LINGFIELD Wire Mill LakejC DT: BSWA RIPLEY Papercourt (GP) (3) This is a fine Leisure Sport coarse fishery. Tench catches of more than 100 lb have been reported with single fish going 4 lb. There are also bream (to 8 lb), pike (to 22} lb) and roach (to 2 lb)C WT: ATS (named on sign at entry to water)RO (Leisure Sport, RMC House, High Street, Feltham, Mid-dlesex) TWA SANDHURST Tri-LakesM DT:TO — TWAe SHAMLEY GREEN

Willinghurst (L) This put-and-take trout fishery contains rainbows only and is stocked every 10 days during the season. Fish average over 1} lb with the best reported being 5 lb 13 ozTr

DT: (L9)ARO (J. G. St. G. Syms,

QC, Willinghurst, Shamley Green, near Guildford. Tel: Cranleigh 2 or3739)oApr1-Oct31s


Ashmere A privately developed put-and-take trout fishery with a fly only rule, Ashmere fish average about 1} lb but browns have been caught over 6 lb, rainbows to 8 lb

Littleton LakeGPC


Shepperton Pits (GP) This Leisure Sport fishery can yield specimen coarse fish. It has produced eels to 6 lb, roach to 2} lb and pike to nearly 24 lb. There is also a useful stock of bream and tench. The deeper water here is generally the most fruitful C WT: ATS (named on sign at entry to water) or ARO (Leisure Sport, RMC House, High Street, Feltham, Middlesex)TWA


Longfield Fishery (GP) (3) Controlled by Leisure Sport this fishery offers sizeable bream (to 7 lb plus) and specimen roach (to 3 lb). The largest of the three waters is stocked with big crucian carpC WT: ATS (named on sign at entry to water) or ARO (Leisure Sport, RMC House, High Street, Feltham, Middlesex)TWAe

Staines North Reservoir Another TWA reservoir leased to the London Anglers’ Association and offering coarse fishing. Anyone can join this association. Yeoveney Fishery (GP) (2) Another Leisure Sport water, the main attraction here are carp (biggest so far, 21j lb) and tench. Results are expected to improve further following a recent decision to permit night fishingC

WT: ATS (named on sign at entry to water) or ARO (Leisure Sport, RMC House, High Street, Feltham, Middlesex)TWAe


Lambeth Reservoir It was here that Bill Penney took his record roach. This is another TWA reservoir leased to the London AA who welcome season members.


Lodge PondC

DT (may be limited at discretion of bailiffs): B or ATSTWAe