Rising on Dartmoor, the Taw takes a northerly course, turning northwest just below Eggesford before flowing on through Umberleigh to enter its estuary at Barnstaple. Best known as a game river, the Taw also contains coarse fish (mostly roach and dace) in its lower reaches. In addition to trout, there are sea trout and salmon. The main salmon run is in spring – from March to May. Sea trout begin moving strongly from July onwards. The estuary offers excellent mullet fishing. Though some ticket facilities exist for visitors in the lower reaches, the likeliest access further upstream is through hotels.

Rod Licence: SWWA Barnstaple, DevonCTSSTJ mile inareaBB DT: ATS (Rod Room, 93, Boutport Street, Barnstaple)e Barnstaple, Devon STS From a point below Newbridge to sea Free fishing Eggesford Chulmleigh, DevonTS 7J miles from Hawkridgeto ColletonlAB

DT:AH (Fox and Hounds, Eggesford Chulmleigh) a Lapford, DevonTSl3 miles from Nymet Bridge to belowChenson BridgeRB DT: (L4)A(Mr. Yates, Gemini, Lanham Lane, Winchester, Hants, Tel: Winchester 61681; Mr. Sawkins, 4, Victoria Lawn, Barnstaple. Tel: Barnstaple 731111 Newbridge, DevonTSTS-(for (T) )1 mile down from Newbridge to First Stile (RB) and one mile down from the bridge to the tidal water (LB) DT(Mon-Frionly):ATS (Barnstaple and Bideford)

Umberleigh, DevonTSTS- (aftermid-April)3J miles at


DT (if hotel not fully booked): AH (Rising Sun Hotel,

Umberleigh) — = Mar1 -Sept (S); May 15-Sept 30 (T & ST) –

Umberleigh, DevonS2J milesat junction of Taw and MoleLB (Taw)RB(Mole)

Fortescue Arms Hotel =Mar 1 –


Taw Tributaries


A tributary of the River Mole which joins the Taw below South Molton, the Bray offers trout, sea trout and some salmon.

Brayford, Devon T–1 mile northwards from Little Bray


DT: ARO (Cdr. R. H. Dean, Little

Bray House, Brayford)

North Molton, DevonTSTS 3milesinareaLB

DT: AH (Poltimore Arms Hotel,

North Molton)


Flowing in from the east, the Little

Dart joins the right bank of the Taw just below Eggesford. It offers similar sport to the Bray.


The Mole, also flowing in from the east, joins the Taw a short distance below its junction with the Little Dart. It offers trout, sea trout and salmon.


There are two rivers of this name in the Taw system. This one rises to the west of Exmoor and flows south-west to enter the Taw estuary at Barnstaple. The other is a tributary of the Mole and joins it near South Molton.

Barnstaple, Devon TST- (for T) 2 miles from Raleigh Weir down to second woodRB DT(Mon-Frionly):ATS (Barnstaple & Bideford)