Tay Tributaries and Associated Waters


Rising to the north of Auchnafree Hill (2,565 ft), the Almond flows east through Buchanty to join the Tay below Huntingtower near Perth. It is not considered a fishery of great note though it is an important salmon spawning stream.


A short tributary of the River Isla which offers some trout fishing.


Finding its source in Loch Lnan Eun, the Ardle flows south-east through Strathardle to join the Blackwater at bridge of Cally where they form the Ericht. It offers salmon and trout.

Bridge of Cally, Perths, TaysideT


DT: AH (Carriefodly Hotel, Bridge of Cally)

Bridge of Cally, Perths, Tayside

TS (except Jan 15-Aprl 5) mileinareaRB

DT: AH (Bridge of Cally Hotel)!

Kirkmichael, Perths, TaysideTS 11 miles from bridge to weir BB DT: AH (Log Cabin Hotel, Kirkmichael. NB: Thisfishing is free to hotel residents) x =Feb 11-Oct16(S);Mar15-Oct6(T)sS


Rising in the mountains on the Perthshire/Aberdeenshire border, the Blackwater flows south through Glenshee to link with the Ericht at Blairgowrie. There is salmon and trout fishing for visitors.

Blairgowrie, Perths, Tayside TS 3 mile from bridge to farm DT: AH (Dalrulzion Hotel, Blairgowrie)!


This river links Loch Freuchie with the Tay at Dunkeld after passing through the valley known as Strathbraan. It is mostly trout fishing with some chance for visitors, some fishing being free.

Amulree, Perths, TaysideT1 mile in area (including part of Girron


DT: AH (Amulree Hotel, Amulree)

Dunkeld, Perths, TaysideT Several sections in area Free fishing DOCHART

This river feeds the western end of Loch Tay through Glen Dochart, the outfall at the eastern end of the loch being the Tay itself. Salmon run here with late summer and early September the best time.


Rising in Loch Earn, this riverflows east through Comrie and Crieff to pass through the vale of Strathearn before entering the Tay estuary below Bridge of Earn. It offers trout and salmon and, unlike the Tay, a better chance of sea trout. Facilities for visitors are reasonable.

Crieff. Perths, TaysideTSTS7 milesfromDalpatricktoComrieBB DT: (L40)ATS (W. Cook & Sons, 19, High Street, Crieff)Feb 1-Oct


Dunning, Perths, TaysideS1 mile in area known as the Broomhill


DT: (L4)A (Hobby Model Shop, 10- 12, New Row, Dunfermline)

Perth, Perths, TaysideTSTS

Section as detailed on ticket LB

DT: (L6)ATS (Sime,46, South

Methven Street, Perth)Feb 1-Oct 31

St. Rllans, Perths, TaysideTSTS 3 mile from St. Fillans to Dundurn


DT:APO (St. Fillans and at

Lochearnhead) j.vopeb14-Oct 15(S/ST) –

Earn Record

Salmon: 54-0-OJ Miller (plug) Oct 1


A tributary of the Isla, the Ericht, which flows through Blairgowrie, offers good trout fishing, especially in spring, with fair opportunities for visitors.

Blairgowrie, Perths, TaysideTS3J miles from BlairgowrieBB

DT: ATS (Blairgowrie)Jan 15-


Bridge of Cally, Perths, Tayside

TS?-(exceptJan15-Apr15) miles in areaRB

DT: AH (Bridge of Cally Hotel)


This water links the River Lochy (via Lochan na Bi) and flows from

Tyndrum through Strathfillan to

Crianlarich below which it enters

Loch Dochart. It offers salmon, sea trout and brown trout.

Crianlarich, Perths, Central TSTS (in parts of Loch Dochart)Extensive section from a point near Tyndrum down to lower end of Loch lubhair and including Loch Dochart and a section of River Cononish (mapwith permit)AB DT: AC (BanmoreTea Room, CrianlarichsS(S/ST)


A tributary of the Tummel, this river rises in Loch Garry and flows south-east through Blair Atholl to join the Tummel, another Tay tributary, at Pitlochry. Claimed to have been ruined by primitive hydro-electric schemes, salmon sport is rated of no consequence though trouting can be reasonably good. Some access for visitors.


This short river links Loch Eigheach (to the west) with Loch Rannoch (to the east) at Bridge of Gaur. It offers trout fishing chances.

Rannoch Station, Perths,

TaysideT1 mile from Loch Laidon torailwayLB

DT: AH (Moor of Rannoch Hotel,

Rannoch Station) —


This short stream, a tributary of the Earn; drains the eastern slopes of Sron Mhor (2,203 ft) to empty into the north shore of Loch Earn not far from St Fillans. It offers trout fishing.

St Rllans, Perths, TaysideT2 miles from lochBB DT: APO (St Fillans and at Lochearnhead)’Mar 15-Oct


Rising in Angus in Glenisla Forest, this river flows south to swing south-west near Alyth and on to join the Tay below Kinclaven. Attracts some salmon though mostly rated for its trout and grayling fishing, ‘n its lower reaches there are pike. Access is reasonable for visitors.

Airlie, Perths, TaysideT Upstream of Airlie Castle Free fishing Meigle, Perths, TaysideT 3 milesinareaBB DT:ATS (Meigle) KERBET WATER A tributary of Dean Water, the latter a tributary of the Isla, this river offers game fish and grayling. Forfar, Angus, TaysideT 2 miles as specified by Forfar Canmore AC notice boardsAB DT: ATS (C. Kerr, 1, West High Street, Forfar)Mar15-Oct 6 LOCHAY Rising in the Forest of Mamlord, the Lochay flows through Glen Lochay to join with the Dochart at the western end of Loch Tay. Though not highly rated for salmon, some of the lies near its entry to the loch are considered good. The river also offers trout and grayling.

Killin, Perths, TaysideM 1miles fromKillinRB

DT: ATS (W. Allan, Main Street, Killin)-j. LYON

Finding its source in Loch Lyon, this river flows east through Stronuich Reservoir to join the Tay after passing Fortingall. It is a highland river of some character which has always had to play second fiddle to the Tay. Though not attracting great numbers of early spring salmon, it can be good in April and May and on through the summer and into autumn. It also offers trout fishing with reasonable access.

Fortingall, Perths, TaysideTS6 milesfrom FortingallJLB DT:AH (Fortingall Hotel, Fortingall)–(S) SHEE WATER

Glenshee, Perths, TaysideT -1 1 mileinareaBB DT: AH (Spittal Hotel, Glenshee)!


This river has been providing excellent salmon fishing from Ballinluig up to the Faskally dam in recent years with splendid runs of salmon seen going through the visual fish pass in the hydro dam, interesting for any visitor to Pitlochry about mid-May. Salmon pass up a series of step ladders built into the side of the dam and the visitor can watch their progress through what amounts to an underground aquarium. The Tummel links Loch Rarmoch with Loch Tummel and the latter to the Tay at Ballinluig. It offers occasional sea trout, brown trout and some coarse fish (especially pike and perch). Access for visitors is good.

Kinloch Rannoch, Perths, Tayside TS J mile on West Tempar EstateRB DT:(L6)TO (Main House, West Tempar Estate, Kinloch Rannoch)e Kinloch Rannoch, Perths, Tayside

TS ? 2 miles from Loch Rannoch toDunalastairLoch

DT: AH (Dunalastair Hotel, Kinloch


Pitlochry, Perths, TaysideS 1J miles below Pitlochry Dam known asPort-na-CraigFisheryBB

DT: (L5)AAA(PitlochryACc/o

Pitlochry Tourist Off ice for fishing on Tues, Thurs & Sats) H (Pine

Trees Hotel, Pitlochryforfishing on

Mon, Wed & Fri. NB: Advance booking is advised for all days)

Pitlochry, Perths, TaysideC (Grayling)T?- (except small section)5 milesfrom Pitlochry to BallinluigjBB

DT: A (Pitlochry Tourist Office; C. C. Stuarts, Ironmonger, Atholl Road, Pitlochry; Milton of Fonals Caravan Site, Pitlochry)TS (McDonalds, Kirkmichael)PO (Ballinluig) WATER OF DEAN Also known as Dean Water, this is a tributary of the Isla which links with the latter near Glamis Castle. It is said to contain large trout and there are also grayling. Some access is available for visitors.

Forfar, Angus, TaysideT mile as specified by Forfar Canmore AC notice boardsLB DT: ATS (C. Kerr, 1, West High Street, Forfar)Mar15-Oct 6 Meigle, Perths, TaysideT?-12 milesfrom Braidstone Mill to junction with lslaBB DT:ATS (G.Dick, Meigle)

Teith. See R. Forth Teviot. See R. Tweed