Offering more than 100 miles of fishable bank near the famous Lincolnshire town of Boston, this network of land drains is one of the most important coarse fisheries in all Fenland. The drains, originally cut to prevent flooding on the flat agricultural land inthearea, stretch out north, west and east from Boston. Though some offer more chance of fish than others, all of them can prove of interest to the serious coarse fisher. The predominant species are bream and roach. Huge shoals of the former are a big attraction. Tench are occasionally caught, turning up with most frequency in certain sections of the West Fen. There are also pike, some of them sizeable. In the recent past, access to all these drains was free to any angler who had a rod licence. This system, however, has recently been changed as part of a major reorganisation by the Anglian Water Authority on many of their waters. Under this re-organisation, the Boston drains are to be leased to the Boston AA and this agreement should be in operation when this website appears.

Visitors will now require day tickets or membership of the Boston AA to fish these drains. Officials of the Boston AA hope to have arranged day ticket distribution points at pubs and cafes near a//the drains and at tackle shops in the area. Some sections are leased at weekends for matches. Clubs wishing to book competitions are urged to direct their enquiries to the secretary of the Boston AA, Derek Maguireat6, Churchill Drive, Boston (Tel: Boston 64949). In directing the reader’s attention to the detailed coverage of the drains given below, it is emphasised that the new day ticket arrangements outlined above will be the same for them all. In addition, we would point out that in a number of instances these drains are known by names used by anglers rather than those which appear on maps. Where this is the case, the common name has been used, reference being also given to names which appear on maps of the area. Rod Licence: AWA (Lines Rivers Division)

Note: There are other minor drains in this area. While most of them are fishable, they are not rated as angling prospects compared with the main waters detailed below.