The Lake District, now a National Park, is an angler’s paradise, offering an enormous variety of fishing in spectacular scenery. In addition to the famous lakes themselves, there are rivers, becks, the smaller lakes known in this area as tarns and, at Ulverston, even a canal.

Resulting from volcanic action millions of years ago, the lakes were formed by Ice Age glaciers, the reason why such unusual fish as the schelly, so far found only in Ullswater, exist here. Char and gwyniad, also found in Wales, are other unusual fish to tempt the angler, the former being much prized as table fish.

Trout abound in the Lake District and, in the rivers, salmon and sea trout, the latter some of the biggest in Britain, are an added attraction. Migratory fish are also caught in some of the lakes linked to the rivers up which they run.

Coarse fish exist here in less var-iety than elsewhere in England. The commonest species is the perch followed by the pike. The other species are much less common, some not being found at all in this area.

Not surprisingly in an area so used to catering for holidaymakers, the chances of ticket fishing for the visiting angler are good to excellent though it must be added that a great deal of the high quality game fishing on some of the rivers is extremely private. On the other hand, it never hurts to ask and many an angler has won himself an unexpected bonusfrom this simple courtesy.

Detailed consideration of the fishing available throughout the Lake District is given below. Though fishing seasons are dealt with in depth elsewhere, it was felt a special listing was worthwhile for the Lake District. Though the coarse fishing season is the same as elsewhere-June 16 to March 14 – the following should be specially noted.

Salmon Season: April 1-Oct 31. The only exception is Ullswater where the season is Jan 15-Oct 14.

Sea Trout: April 3-Oct 31. Again Ullswater is the single exception, the season there being Apr 1-Oct 14.

Trout (Brown): March 20-Sept 14. Ullswater is again excepted, the season there being Mar 20-Sept 30.

Char: March 20-Sept 14. Excepted lakes in the case of these species are Buttermere and Crum-mock Water. The season there is July 1-Oct 31. Rod Licence: NWWA

Lake District Records

Genuine record material relating to the many waters in the Lake District would appear to be distinctly scarce. For this reason, we would be specially grateful to any reader whocan helpusaddfurthertothe facts offered for so large and important an area.

River Record lit

Sea Trout: 15-4-0 Mrs M Walker June 1

Lake Records


Pike: 29-0-0 N Appleton date unknown


Trout: 9-12-0 W Bambridge July 1


Trout: 11-0-0 Rev G H White July 1


Trout: 5-0-0 captor & date unknown


Trout: 7-0-0 captor & date unknown


Schelly: 1-10-0WWainwright Apr 1

Trout: 8-0-0 captor & date unknown the current record for its species


Char: 1-4-12 L Morris (worm) Mar 1

Trout: 9-4-0 9-4-0 D Collins 1

RIVERS (Cumbria)

Aira Beck

A small stream offering trout fishing which flows via Dockray and Aira Force into Ullswater.

UllswaterTNational Trust Water Free fishing


A short stream rising on Bow Fell and flowing for 9 miles through

Great Langdale to fall into Lake


AmblesideM2 miles from Jiffy

Knots to Lake Windermere RB

DT: ATS (in area) or AAA (Windermere, Ambleside and Dist