Tips for Sea Fishing in Kent

What’s the most productive time of year for beach fishing?

Without doubt, October and November, when, after dark, sport with codling and whiting is superb on all beaches and 20 lb cod are not uncommon.

How can I prevent losing leads on the chalk ledges around the North Foreland?

Because of the heavy kelp on these ledges, it is best to shape a weight out of a piece of chalk. Find a block with a hole through it and carve it to a pear shape. Secure this to the reel line with a piece of rotten-bottom and use just a single hook. This way the terminal tackle is cheap enough for snags not to matter.

Where can I get an up-to-date weather forecast for the coastal area?

‘Phone Canterbury 8091. The recorded forecast is changed regularly and is usually very accurate.

Where can I get fresh bait?

All tackle shops on the Kent coast stock fresh lugworm. Most keep peeler crab in season (April to June) and one or two keep live ragworm. You can dig lug from the many sandy bays between Faversham and Deal. Peeler crab can be gathered along the entire foreshore in summer.

Are there any beach fishing competitions?

Most of the towns on the coast hold large open competitions annually. The biggest is the All-England, fished from Folkestone and Hythe beaches during March or April. Entries often exceed 1.200 anglers.