The Towy – or Tywi as it is officially known in Wales – is one more of the Principality’s game fishing treasuries, offering salmon, sea trout and brown trout as its main species. This delightful river rises high on Towy Forest near Cafn Fannog (1,476 feet), flowing down from the hills to enter its valley proper at Llandovery where results with trout are good and where migratory fish tend to be taken late season. Llandeilo is at the centre of the Towy valley and is rated one of the best centres for salmon and sea trout with mid summer being rated likeliest for the latter species. Further down, the river reaches Carmarthen below which it enters its estuary. Some of the biggest salmon and sea trout are taken in these lower sections. Access for visitors on the river is reasonable to good with the best opportunities being on association waters with ticket facilities.

Rod Licence: WNWDA (South West Wales River Division) Carmarthen, DyfedTSTS2 miles from old tinplate works to Abergwili (except 2 fields) (LB) and 3 miles from point before Danyrallt Farm to Penddaulwyn Fawr (again except two fields)RB WT: ATS (Carmarthen, Llandeilo, & Llanelli)PO (Nantgaredig)=- Mar 10-Oct 7 (S/ST); Mar 10-Sept 30(T)e

Goldengrove, DyfedTSTS 8 miles from Llandeilo bridge to


DT: (L 10)ARO (W. H. Cooke and

Arkwright, Estate Office,


Llandeilo, DyfedSTS8 milesfrom

Llandeilo to ManordeiloBB

DT:(L4)ATS(Llandeilo)P (Tregeyb Arms, Ffairfach,

Llandeilo) or AAA (Llandeilo

AA)Mar 10-Oct 7e

Llandovery, DyfedTSTS J mile from Chain Bridge upstreamBB

DT:(L5)AF(E. Thomas, Tonn

Farm, Llandovery.Tel: Llandovery 20276)

Llanfynydd, DyfedTSTS1i miles in area -Penybont Inn, Llanfynydd

Llangadog, DyfedTSTS1 mile in areaAB

DT:AP (Black Lion Hotel,


Pontargothi, DyfedTSTS 15 milesfrom Glantowy to

Bermalais (including Glantowy


DT: AH (Cresselly Arms,


Towy Tributaries


Rising on the slopes of Crychan Forest, the Bran joins the Towy at Llandovery. It offers trout and is mostly private.


Rises in the Black Mountains close to the source of the Loughor flowing first westward then north to join the Towy at Ffairfach. There are trout chances for visitors. Ffairfach, DyfedT3 milesfrom Ffairfach to Derwydd AB DT: ATS (in area)Mar 10-Sept


The biggest of the Towy tributaries, the Cothi rises on Mynydd Mallaen and flows down through Pump-saint (where it is joined by the Twrch) and Brechfa to join the right

Towy Record

Sea Trout: 16-2-0 M Swindells 1 bank of the Towy above Carmarthen. Though salmon are not as prolific as on the main river, sea trouting is good from June onwards. Access for visitors is reasonable.

Brechfa,DyfedTS1 mile from Brechfa to Parson’s PoolRB DT: AH (Forest Arms Hotel, Brechfa) Nantgaredig, DyfedTSTS1 mile below road bridge at PontargothiAB WT: ATS (Carmarthen, Llandeilo & Llanelli)PO (Nantgaredig)–Mar 10-Oct7(S/ST); Mar 10-Sept30(T) Pontargothi, DyfedTS 13 miles near PontargothiLB DT: AH (Cresselly Arms, Pontargothi) Pumpsaint, DyfedTSTS4} miles in area (including section on River Twrch)BB DT: AH (Dolaucothi Arms Hotel, Pumpsaint)


Manordeilo, DyfedT2 miles from


DT: ATS (in area)=Mar 10-Sept


The second major tributary of the Towy, the Gwili rises in hills to the north of Carmarthen to take a winding course before joining the main river near Abergwili. Though not rated as good as the Cothi, it still rates highly for sea trout, with salmon also occasionally caught.

Carmarthen, DyfedTSTFrom wooded section at Green Meadow Farm and from Abergwili Bridge to junction with Crychiau Stream (both sections RB) WT: ATS (Carmarthen, Llandeilo, & Llanelli)PO (Nantgaredig)-Mar 10-Oct 7 (ST); Mar 10-Sept 30 (T)

Conwyl-Elfed, DyfedTSTS 3milesinareaBB

DT: TO (C. Evans, Avondale,


Llanpumpsaint, DyfedTFishing from 5 fields in area (also on part of River Pontrhydgoch above junction with Gwili)

WT: ATS (Carmarthen, Llandeilo & Llanelli)PO (Nantgaredig)



This short river, which offers some free and association fishing for trout, flows in from the east to join the Towy at Llangadog.

Llangadog, Carmarthenshire DyfedTEntire riverBB Free fishing TWRCH

A short tributary of the Cothi which joins the latterat Pumpsaint.

Trothy. See R. Wye Twrch. See R. Towy

Sennybridge, PowysTS Just over 1 mile from Sennybridge to end Gibraltar Wood (RB) and same from Llwynce Bridgeto junction with Cilieni River (LB) DT: (L9)A(W. J. Davies and Sons, Drug Stores, Sennybridge) Usk, GwentT 2 miles from I mile below UsktolJ miles above (known as UskTown Water)BB DT: ATS (Sweet’s, Porthycarne Street, Usk)Mar 15-Sept 30 Usk, GwentCTS 1,600 yards near UskJBB

DT: (L2)ARO (L. H. Marshall, Surveyor and Land Agent, 2, Bridge Street, Usk) Usk, GwentCT350 yards from bridge downstreamLB DT:(L2)AP(Bridgelnn, Chainbridge, near Usk) Note: Salmon, trout and coarse fishing sometimesavailablefor rental by the season. Apply Bernard Thorpe and Partners, Fishery Dpt., Broad Street, Hereford (Tel: 0432 6202). Beats occasionally available for sale.