Sometimes called the Yore, this is yet another superb Yorkshire river. It, too, rises 2,000 feet above sea level on Lunds Fell. Taking in a number of feeders, it reaches some size by the time it gets to Hawes. From there it flows east through Aysgarth to Middleham where it swings south-east to the cathedral city of Ripon and then on to Boroughbridge. Below Borough-bridge, it links with the Swale at Swale Nab and a short distance below this point becomes the Ouse. The river of Wensleydale, the Ure is a trout river above Aysgarth but below this point coarse fish become more apparent. Roach of specimen size have been reported in number in the Ripon area recently and dace abound. Further down, above and below Boroughbridge, roach to 3 lb have been taken in recent seasons, and huge chub catches are taken. Here, too, there is the chance of sizeable bream in numbers greater, perhaps, than in any other Ouse tributary. The lower reaches offer most opportunity for the visitor. Aysgarth, N YorksTj mile near WoodhallLB DT:AAA (Skipton AA) Aysgarth, NyorksM300 yards from Aysgarth FallsRB DT:AH (Palmer Flatt Hotel, Aysgarth)

Bainbridge, N YorksC (Grayling only)T6 miles at BainbridgeAB DT: AK (C. Peacock, Countersettat SemerwaterLake)H (Rose and Crown, Bainbridge)’-Apr 1-Sept 30 (T) Jun 1-Feb 28(Grayling)Se

Boroughbridge, N YorksM2 mile from Boroughbridge to Milby Nab EndLB DT: ATS (H. Moisley, Ship Yard, Harrogate or C. Johnson, Briggate, Knaresborough)P (Three Horse Shoes, Boroughbridge) e Boroughbridge, N YorksC 1J miles from Cricket Field onefield below Town Bridge to Hall Arm LaneRB DT(notSuns):AP (Borough bridge) PO (Boroughbridge)je Boroughbridge, N YorksC1 mile downstream from Westwick


DT: ARO (Skelton Lodge, Newby

Hall Estate Office, Skelton-on-Ure, nearRipon)e

Boroughbridge, N YorksC1 mile starting three fields below lock (known locally as the Ellenthorpe


DT: AF(Ellenthorpe Hall Farm)

East Witton, N YorksCT- 1J miles from Ushaw Bridge to Harker




Hawes, N YorksC(Grayling)T 8milesfrom Moorcocklnnto


WT:AAA (Hawes AA)e

Kilgrimbridge, N YorksM1 J miles upstream of villageLB DT:AAA (Thornaby AA) Middleham, N YorksM1J miles from below Iron Bridge, MiddlehamRB DT:AP (Old Horn Inn, Spennithorne)’Apr 1-Feb 27e

Ripon, N YorksMr (Apr 1-May 31)1 milefromSykewoodtoOld Military BridgeRB DT: (L2)ATS (Hodgson’s, Ripon)

Ripon, N. YorksM7 milesfrom

Ure Bank Caravan Site to Newby


WT: A(B. Wain, 82, Bondgate,

Ripon)P (Brewers Arms, 2,

Bondgate Green, Ripon)

Ure Records Match Catch Record:

Barbel:’11-7-0 Bmorland (lobworm) June 1975 Bream: 5-3-0 K Hammonds 1969 Chub: 7-7-0 S Pope (luncheon meat) Dec 1

Dace: 1-4-0 captor & date unknown Eel: 3-10-0 Dmurfin 1956 Roach:2 3-4-0 captor & date unknown

Trout: 8-4-0 J Blades 1930 ‘this angler caught a barbel of 14-5-0 in Apr 1976, the biggest ever seen in Yorkshire. It is not included above as it was a close season fish 2this fish, known as ‘Popeye’ simply because it has only one eye, was transferredto this riverfrom a colliery pond at Leeds and is said to have been caught on more than one occasion since

Roecliffe. N YorksC500 yards extending from Church Wood downstream (known as the Harrison’s Farm fishery) RB DT: AF (Harrison’s Farm) Spennithorne, N YorksM2 miles from 1 mileaboveto 1 mile below Beggar’s Mouth LB DT:AP (Old Horn Inn, Spennithorne)oApr1-Feb27e

Ullshaw Bridge, N YorksM1 mile above UllshawBridgeLB DT:AP (Old Horn Inn, Spennithorne)Apr1-Feb27e

Associations: Bradford City AA; Leeds ASA; Thornaby AA; Bradford No. 1 AA. WHARFE Another important Ouse tributary, the Wharfe rises on Cam Fell (1,440 feet). After flowing through Buckden, Starbottom, and Ket-tlewell, it is joined by the Skirfare. Below Threshfield, it enters Whar-fedale proper, wending its way via Bolton Abbey, llkley, Otley, Boston Spa and Wetherby to join the Ouse below Tadcaster, the famous Yorkshire brewing centre. Ticket facilities are reasonable to good in the middle and higher reaches where trout fishing, often fly only, is the main pursuit. Below Otley, coarse fish predominate. The Ulleskelf-Tadcaster reaches must be among the most heavily fished in the county and, sadly, they are currently the subject of pollution problems caused by overworked sewage plants and effluent from breweries. As this Guide went to press, a multi-million pound agreement had been reached between the brewers and the Water Authority which, it is hoped, could lead to major improvements in this area. Ticket fishing abounds.

Appletreewick, N YorksM5 mile from dry wall to woodLB

DT: AP (New Inn, Appletreewick)

Bolton Abbey, N YorksT -13 miles from Bolton Bridgeto Barden


DT: ARO (Estate Office, Bolton

Abbey, weekdays 9 am to 5.30 pm; weekends from cottage next to

Hole in the Wall in village from 8. am)Apr-Sept30(T)Jun15-Dec 31(Grayling)e

Boston Spa, WyorksM3 miles from Gas Works to Newton Kyme DT: A(Spa Baths, Boston Spa) Boston Spa, WyorksMi mile from road bridge to Green GateRB DT: ARO (Spa Baths, Boston Spa) Buckden, N YorksM2 miles from J mile above bridge to 1J miles belowRB

DT:K (Mrs Lambert, Buckden)=Apr1-Sept30e Buckden, N YorksT 3J miles at BuckdenJBB DT: AH (Buck Inn, Buckden)or at Langstroth Services Ltd., Greenfield, Buckden Burnsall,NyorksC (Grayling) T 6 miles from


DT: ATS (N. Goodwin, Skipton)P (Red Lion Hotel, Fell Hotel, both at

Burnsall) or AAA (Appletreewick,

Barden and Burnsall AC)=Jun 1-

Sept30(T)Nov1-Jan (Grayling) e

Grassington, N YorksC (Grayling)T ? 2J miles in areaBB


Grassington)PO (Grassington)

Iapr 1-Sept30 (T) Oct 1-Feb (Grayling)2e llkley, W YorksM 1J miles from OldPackhorse Bridgeto Stepping Stones at BenrhyddingBB DT (not issued Apr 15-29): ATS (Cree’s Pet Stores, llkley or Runnymede News Agency, llkley)e

Pool in Wharfedale, W YorksT 5 miles from River Washburn to CastleyBeckAB DT: ATS (The Stores, Hanson Coyle, Pool)Apr 1st-Oct31 e Ryther, N YorksC2 mile covering threefieldsfrom Mucky LaneRB DT: AP (Ulleskelf Arms, Ulleskelf) Ryther, N YorksC2 milesfrom Rytherto Button HiMjRB DT:AP (Ulleskelf Arms, Ulleskelf)=Jun 1-Feb 27e

Tadcaster, N YorksC2 miles at


DT: B or AjTS (Webb’s, Kirkgate


Tadcaster, N YorksC 1 milesfrom sewage outfall down to salmon poolLB DT: ATS (Leeds)P (Brittania Inn, Tadcaster) –Jun 1-Feb27e Ulleskelf, N YorksC3 milesfrom salmon pool (Tadcaster) to Ship lnn(Ulleskelf)RB DT:ATS(Leeds)P (Ulleskelf Arms, Ulleskelf)voJun 1-Feb 27e Wetherby, WyorksM2 milesfrom Collingham to Wetherby AB DT: ATS (Sports & Leisure Shop, Wetherby)P (George & Dragon, Wetherby) JG (Old Star Filling Station, Collingham) ? Associations: Leeds ASA; Bradford No. 1 AA; Bradford City AA.

Wharfe Records

Match Catch Record: 48-8-

Eloftus in Wharfe Champs 1

Barbel: 10-0-0 N Wright (maggot)

July 1

Bream: 6-6-0 Prawlings 1

Carp: 8-0-0 P Duckworth (luncheon meat) Aug 1

Chub: 6-3-0 Mr Fairley 1

Dace: 1-4-0 S Brennan (maggot)

Oct 1

Grayling: 3-2-0 T Brook 1

Perch: 3-4-0 Abrammer 1

Pike: 24-0-0 E H Wraith Feb 1

Trout: 14-0-OTListerAug 1