Famous for its salmon fishing, the fast flowing Usk finds its source at Usk Reservoir from where it flows through steep valleys via Sennybridge to Brecon. Here it begins to broaden as it swings south-east to pass Crickhowell and Abergavenny before turning due south through Usk to enter the Severn estuary below Newport, Gwent. Since the turn of the century, the Usk has averaged more than 800 salmon a season. The average size is 10 to 12 lbs with 20 lb fish frequent and, occasionally, some going over 30 lb. In the first part of the season, the reaches below Abergavenny produce most fish. Later, the higher reaches are most fruitful, though heavy spring rains can find fish in these sections unexpectedly early. Though sea trout do run up the Usk, the river is not noted for them and cannot compare with the sea trout rivers of west and north-west Wales like the Conwy and the Dovey. There are, of course, brown trout in the Usk but these fish do not, as a rule, run big. The Usk also contains coarse fish, especially roach and dace, though fishing for these species is usually only permitted between Oct 1 and Jan 14. Access for visitors is good with hotels and associations giving many chances of fishing. Rod Licence: WNWDA (Usk River Division)

Abergavenny, GwentTS (for Trout) Just over 1 milefrom Llanfoist Bridge (LB) 1,400yards, same area (RB) (known as Town Council Water)

DT: ATS (P.M. Fishing Tackle, Monk Street, Abergavenny)P (Bridge Inn, Llanfoist, Abergavenny)Feb 15-Sept30 (S);Mar15-Sept30(T)e

Brecon, PowysTSj mile from Llanf raes bridge to boat house (known as Promenade Water)BB DT: ATS (Brecon)Feb 1-Oct 15 (S) Marl-Sept 30 (T)e

Crickhowell, PowysTS 13 miles fromDanyparktoGlanuskBB DT:(L6)AP(VineTree,Legar, Llangattock)&

Crickhowell, PowysTS2J miles near Crickhowell LB

DT (priority given to hotel residents) :AH(Gliffaes Country

House Hotel, Crickhowell • (limited)Feb15-Sept30(S);


Crickhowell, Powys Tsi 1, yardsfrom bridgeto Crickhowell


DT:(L2for (S),4for (T) )AP(Vine

Tree Inn, Crickhowell)

Crickhowell, PowysTSi mile in areaRB

DT:(L4)AH (Bell Hotel,


Glangrwyney, PowysTS J mile in areaRB

DT: AH (Bell Hotel, Glangrwyney)

Usk Tributaries

Note: Not every Usk tributary is listed below. Those missing are minor or private. AFON LLWYD Rising north of Pontypool, this river runs south to join the right bank of the Usk near Caerleon. It offers trout and is regularly stocked in parts. Some chance for the visitor.

Cwmbran, GwentT2 miles from Pontrhydrun to LlantarnamAB DT: ATS (W. H. Powell, 34, Chapel Street, Pontnewydd, Cwmbran)e Pontypool, GwentT7 miles from Metro Mon, near Pontnewydd to BlaenavonBB DT:ATS(inarea)

EBBW (including EBBW PAWR and EBBW FACH) Much polluted, these rivers are of no angling interest at the moment.


Rising on the southern slope of

Usk Records

Match Catch Record: 56-0-0 W

Powell in club match Nov 1

Chub: 5-4-0 J Wilding, Newport

Dec 1

Dace: 0-14-0 S Collict, Rhymney

Nov 1

Roach: 2-1 -0 J Martin, Newport

Dec 1

Salmon: 41 -0-0 E L Sealey,

Redditch May 1

Trout: 11-15-0 W Watts,

Matthewstown Apr 1

Drum-ddu (1,554 feet) this river winds southwards through Upper and Lower Chapel to join the Usk at Brecon. Some opportunities exist for visitors with trout the main sport.


This river rises on Bryn-du (1,519 feet) and flows south through Llan-fihangel Nant Bran to join the Usk near Penpont. A trout river, visitors should enquire in the area for opportunities to fish. Llanfihangel-Nant-Bran, Powys T800 yards near LlanfihangelLB DT:(L3)AF(LlwyncoedFarm)


Some trout possibilities on this 15-mile-long stream rising near Trel-leck and flowing south-west to meet the Usk near Llanllowell.

Usk, GwentCT 1J miles above to 1 mile below the Olway lnnBB DT: AP (Greyhound Inn, Usk) e SENNI

Rising on the Brecon Beacons, this short trout stream flows north to join the Usk at Sennybridge.

Sennybridge, PowysT200 yards at Sennybridge from junction with


DT: (L3)A(W. J. Davies and Sons,

Drugstores, Sennybridge)e


A tributary of the Ebbw, the Sirhowy rises on the southern slopes of the Brecon Beacons and flows south through Tredegar to join the polluted Ebbw near Risca. Offering trout, and often restocked, the Sirhowy has possibilities for visitors.

Newport, GwentT (in parts) miles from Cwmfelinfach to Ebbw

Bridge, Newport (with some gaps)BB

DT: AJTS (Mrs Hart, Tredegar

Street, Risca) or AAA (Ebbw &

Sirhowy Anglers)

Pontllanfraith, GwentT 1 mile in areaAB

DT: AK (L. Wilcox, 17, Pengam

Street, Glan-y-Nant, Pengam)e


Also rising on the Brecon Beacons, this river flows from the north slopes of the range from Fan Fawr (2,409 feet) to join the Usk at Brecon.


Starting as two streams – the Yscir Fawr and the Yscir Fechan – on Mynydd Eppynt, the Yscir becomes one at Pont-faen, flowing south from here to join the Usk at Aberyscir. It offers trout but little access for visitors.