Warwickshire offers a wide variety of interesting still water fishing for trout and coarse fish. It contains the pioneering Packington Fishery, Draycote Water, now firmly estab-lished as one of the great Midlands fly fisheries and last, but by no means least, Cuttle Mill, one of the most exciting carp fisheries to be developed in recent times.


Draycote Water Another of the great Midlands trout fisheries, Draycote, opened by the STWA in 1970, can sometimes seem a dour water. Yet its 600 acres are superbly stocked and statistics for its most recent season show a total catch in excess of 18,000 trout. Fish here average 1} lb, the records for the water being: brown trout (6 lb 15 oz); rainbow (5 lb 9 oz)RT-?-DT: TO x J. –Apr 8-Oct 91 STWA EARLSWOOD Earlswood Lakes C DT: BSTWA FRANKTON Frankton Pool LC DT: BSTWA


Compton Verney Lakes (North

Lake & South Lake)C

DT: (L15) for North Lake: Mr.

Shoeman, Kineton Garage; tel:

Kineton 570. Forsouth lake: Mr.

Smith, Park Farm, Kineton; tel:

Kineton 2581STWA


Kingsbury Gravel Pits (3)C



Napton Reservoirs C

DT: B or ATS (in area and at

Coventry) JSTWA


Newbold Quarry LakeC

DT: B or ATS (Banks & Burr, 27,

Claremont Road, Rugby)STWA

Newbold ReservoirIC

DT: B or ATS (Rugby) or AAA (Empire A.C.)STWAe


Cuttle Mill Lake Currently the most famous ticket carp fishery in Eng-land, Cuttle Mill has yielded numerous specimens of more than 30 lb in recent seasons, thanks, clearly, to the really careful management policy adopted by its owner. The biggest Cuttle Mill carp is believed to be a fish of 35 lb taken in August 1975. Other excellent coarse fish are also presentC DT: (L20)TOA(for carp fishery: J.A. Brewer, Cuttle Mill, Wishaw, Sutton Coldfield)Jun 16-Sept 30STWAe