Rising near Audlem in Cheshire, the Weaver flows northwards through Nantwich, Winsford and Hartford to enter the Mersey near Hartford. It is a commercial waterway – known as the Weaver Navigation – from Winsford to the estuary and, not surprisingly, this section is subject to boat traffic. It is mostly private in its upper reaches where it offers trout and coarse fish. Lower down, coarse fish predominate. The victim of localised pollutions in the past, much re-stocking has been done in this river and it is improving. Opportunities for visitors are more likely in the lower reaches. Rod Licence: NWWA

Newbridge, CheshireC1 mile from Newbridge to Bostock PipeRB DT:B Northwich, CheshireC 10 miles from NewBridgetoSaltorsfordBB


Winsford, CheshireC7 miles from

Newbridge to Church MinshullBB


Weaver Tributary


Currently widely acclaimed in Che-shire for the improved results it has been producing, the Dane rises not far from the famous Cat and Fiddle Pass west of Buxton on the borders of the Peak District. From there it flows down through Danebridge and on to Congleton, Holmes Chapel and Middlewich where it swings north to join the Weaver near Hartford. Trout predominate in the upper reaches but lower down coarse fish take over, recent results in this area being described as excellent. Ticket facilities, especially upriver, are limited. Bostock, CheshireT2i milesfrom Middlewich towards DavenhamBB

DT: ATS (Gibbons, Leadsmithy Street, Middlewich, also tackle shops at Winsford)18 Byley, CheshireC3 miles from two meadows below M6 bridge to Byley Bridge (RB) and from Byley Bridge to Pochins Bridge (BB) DT(Mon-Frionly): B

Special points to note – ghillie available = open season if different from normal :’. Sundayfishingnot available -WA Water Authority (for rod licence and close season) v no rod licence required e special regulations apply

Middlewich,CheshireC1 mile from Pochins Bridge to Croxton



Associations: Cheshire AA;

Warrington AA; Winsford AA;

Middlewich AS.