Ask a Welshman and he will tell you the Wye belongs to Wales. Ask an Englishman and he will say the Wye is England’s finest salmon river. The truth of the matter is that the Wye rises in Wales on Plyn-limon near the source of the Severn, following a meandering south-easterly course through the border country of England and Wales to enter the Severn estuary below Chepstow near the M4 suspension bridge. Whatever the arguments, there is no doubt that the Wye has produced more big salmon than any other river outside Scotland. The biggest salmon to be taken from the Wye was caught by Miss D. Davey in March 1923. It weighed 59 lb 8 oz and is believed the largest spring fish ever taken anywhere in the British Isles. It should be added that 10 of the 12 biggest salmon taken in England (or Wales!) came from the Wye, the most recent of them being a 51 lb fish caught in 1962. The Wye, a spate river with a quick rise and fall, is ideal for salmon. The spring run is especially notable, particularly for bigger fish. The smaller spring fish average 9 to 11 lb while the summer run of fish are between 10 and 12 lb. Later still, the fish are smaller. It is a poor season on the Wye if less than 4,000 salmon are caught, the best recent season being 1967 when 7,864 fish were taken. Though some salmon are taken in Wye tributaries like the Irfon, they are comparatively rare, the vast majority of these fish being taken in the main river. In spring, fish tend to be caught in the lower reaches but if the river is high at this time, the upstream beats will get a bigger share of fish. Though sea trout enter the Wye, it is not highly rated for these fish. The river also contains brown trout but the most prolific areas for these fish are tributaries of the main river like the Monnow and Irfon. The river also contains a huge head of coarse fish though it should be noted there are special regulations in many sections covering not only the times when they may be sought but also the baits that may be used. The Wye Championship, a major annual competition, is noted for the size of catches it produces. The predominant species are chub, dace, grayling, and roach, the latter being most evident in the slower sections. The river also regularly produces pike of specimen proportions.

From its source, the Wye flows through a number of centres famous in the annals of angling, Rhayader, Builth Wells, Glasbury, Bredwardine, Hereford, Ross and Monmouth. As can be seen below, there are reasonable chances for the visitor at most, if not all, these centres. Salmon fishing tends to be privately controlled over many sections of the river and the angler intending to make a serious assault on these fish is strongly urged to enquire of agents who specialise in this branch of the sport. The wisdom of such an approach is obvious when it is added that just one of the agents mentioned below has more than 17 miles of the river under management. Hotels also offer reasonable opportunities for salmon on the river. Rod Licence: WNWDA (Wye River Division)

Bredwardine, Here & WorcsCTS 8 miles from Turner’s boat to below MoccasToll BridgeAB DT:AH (Red Lion Hotel, Bredwardine) — (on special request only)

Brockweir, GwentC2J miles from Brockweirto LlandogoAB DT: K (RockCottage, Tintern)e Builth Wells, PowysTS3 mile known asthe Pontsioni Beat -ijLake, Llangammarch Wells. T:Llangammarch Wells 202. 27rooms(11v3 ))..e

Builth Wells, PowysCT!S (in parts) 3 miles near Builth Wells DT: AH (Pencerrig Country Hotel, Builth Wells)=Jan-Sept Builth Wells, PowysTSSection at Builth Wells

DT: (L2)AH (Cammarch Hotel, Llangammarch Wells)e Buirth Wells, PowysCTS (for Trout)11j miles in section near Builth WellsAB 3-day or WT:ATS (Mrs Asbrey, High Street, Builth Wells)

Byford, Here & WorcCS(all

Salmon bookingsto be completed by Mid-November in theyear previoustofishing)6 miles near


DT: ARO (Estate Office, Garnons,

Hereford HR4 7JX)Jul 1-Jan 25 e

Clifford, Here & WorcS2 miles from toll bridge to WinfortonAB

DT:(L3)ARO (Applications toD.

Reid, Esq., Agent, Whitney Court

Estate Office, Whitney-on-Wye,

Here&Worcs.,Tel: Clifford213)

Fownhope, Here & WorcCTS 1000 yards at FownhopeLB —Longworth Hall Hotel,


Fownhope, Here & WorcCTS 1i miles from junction with Lugg down to point below Holme


DtandWT: (but no Sunday tickets

Oct 26-Mar 14)ATS (F. Perkins, 48c, Commercial Road, Hereford and Hattons, St Owen Street, Hereford

Glasbury-on-Wye, PowysCTS2 miles at Glasbury (RB) and 2 miles at Hay-on-Wye (BB) DT(C only):K (Treble Hill Cottage, Glasbury on Wye) or ARO (Treble Hill Cottage, Glasbury-on-Wye)Oct 1-Jan

Big Welsh sea trout

The sea trout, or sewin as it is known in Wales, is one of the Principality’s biggest angling attractions. Here is a list of the 10 best from the records of Angling News Services. Any reader able to add or subtract to this list is urged to write to ANS at 281, Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield. 21-8-0 C F P Lowe (Conwy) October 1 20-2-0 T Williams (Dovey) 1935 20-0-0 J A Humphreys (Dovey) August 1 18-8-01 C Inwood (Conwy) August 1 16-5-0’ C Inwood (Conwy) 1964 16-2-0 M Swindells (Towy) 1 15-13-0 N D Mickley (Conwy) 1 15-4-0 T H Marshall (Towy) 1 14-13-0 G R Duvian (Towy) 1969 14-12-Q1 C Inwood (Conwy) August 1 ‘ the late Cyril Inwood of North-ampton is believed the only angler to take three sea trout in excess of a stone in Britain.

Hay-on-Wye, PowysCTS1J miles in area (known as Clypo Court Water)LB DT: AK (Poolpardon Cottage, Clifford, near Hereford)

Hay-on-Wye, PowysCTS 13 miles from Hay Bridge (known as The Hay Castle Water)RB DT: AK (Poolpardon Cottage, Clifford, near Hereford)

Hay-on-Wye, PowysCTS 300 yards from Hay Bridge to


DT: ATS (H. R. Grant, 6, Castle

Street, Hay-on-Wye)

Hay-on-Wye, PowysCTS3 mile immediately below Hay Town

Water RB

DT: ARO (Glanwye, Clifford Road.


Hay-on-Wye, PowysCTS200 yards below Hay Bridge (known as Hay Town Water)RB Free fishing Hay-on-Wye, PowysCTS1 mile atHayBB

DT: AK (Mr Potter, Glan-Wye, Hay-on-Wye)! e

Hereford. Here &WorcCTS1 milefrom Eigntopointabovethe Carrots Water (known asthe Field FarmFishery)LB Dtand WT (but no Sunday tickets Oct 26-Mar 14): ATS (F.Perkins, 48c, Commercial Road, Hereford; Hattons, St Owen Street, Hereford)

Hereford, Here & WorcCTS 4milesfrom Belmont above Hereford to Eign (most of the fishing being within the boundary of Hereford) AB

DT and WT (but no Sunday tickets Oct 26-Mar 14):ATS (F. Perkins, 48c, Commercial Road, Hereford; Hattons, St Owen Street, Hereford)

Kerne Bridge, Here & WorcCS 3 miles at Kerne BridgeBB DT: AH (Castle View Hotel, Kerne Bridge)

Llandogo, GwentC3 miles from Llandogo Church to Whitebrook (known as The Bigsweir Fishery) DT(Oct1-Dec31only):AK(J. Jones, The Rock, Tintern) Llangurig, PowysTS8s miles in area (known asthe Clochfaen Estate Water)

DT: (L 6) WT:(L 3) Weekend Ticket: (L4)AH(Glansevern Arms, Llangurig) Llangurig, PowysTS -14 miles from Llangurig to DernalBB DT: AH (Blue Bell, Llangurig) Llanwrthwl, PowysTS -11,200 yardsfroma point 150 yards below Llanwrthwl bridge to

Wye Records

Match Catch Records: 5hour87-9-0ACIissett,

Birmingham in open match Dec 1 4 hour79-11-0 A Barren, Newport in Winter League even Oct 1

Bream: 7-12-0 A Murray Oct 1

Carp: 6-14-0 B Bates, Birmingham (lob) Aug 1

Chub: 7-1-0 K Henderson,

Birmingham (caster) Nov 1

Dace: 1 -4-0 H Mason, Hereford (wasp grub) Aug 1

Grayling: 3-10-6 T Hall, Redditch (lob) Nov 1

Pike: 37-0-0 Maj W H Booth (spinner) 1

Salmon:2 59-8-0 Miss D Davey,

Kinnersley (minnow) Mar 1

Trout: 10-8-0 captor & date unknown, caught at Rhayader ’a chub of 8 lb was caught just before the coarse fish season began in June 1 2generally accepted asthe biggest spring caught salmon in the British Isles.


DT(not Sat or Sun): AH (Vulcan

Inn, Llanwrthwl)

Monmouth, GwentCi milefrom Wye Bridge, Monmouth to junction withRiverTrothyBB DT(L2):AAA(Monmouthand Dist. A.S.)==Oct 1-Jan 27 Rhayader, PowysT ? (at certain times)3 miles extending upstream from Rhayader and nearly 1 mile extending downAB Dtand WT:ATS (Mrs. D. M. Davies, West Street, Rhayader) Ross-on-Wye, Here & WorcCTS milefrom Wilton Bridge to the boathouse (known as theTown Water) LB

DT:BorATS(Ross-on-Wye) Ross-on-Wye, Here & WorcCT I mile from Awkward Stile to BoathouseLB

WT (Apr-Sept only) :ATS (Ross-on-Wye)

Symonds Yat, Here & WorcS atSymondsYat Royal Hotel, Symonds Yat Tintern, GwentC1j miles from Brockweir Bridge to Tintern AbbeyBB DT: AK (J. Jones, The Rock, Tintern)

Whitney-on-Wye, Here & WorcC 100 yards at Boat lnnBB DT: AH (Boat Inn, Whitney-on-Wye) Note: (1) Day, weekly and season tickets may be available for various sections on application to Herbert

Hatton, St Owen Street, Hereford. (2) Forsalmonfishingon many famous beats rentable by season, write to Bernard Thorpe & Partners, Fishery Dept., Broad Street, Hereford. Beats also for sale.

Associations: Extensive Birmingham AA control. Their centres include Doldowlod, Breinton, Wilton, Symonds Yat, Monmouth.

Wye Tributaries

Note: Not every Wye tributary is listei below. Exceptions should be considered mostly private and difficult of access for the visitor.


A tributary of the Lugg, the Arrow rises east of Kington, flows east-wards to join that major Wye tributary, the Lugg, below Leominster. A mixed fishery con-taining trout and coarse fish (mostly dace and grayling), the Arrow is mostly private though there is the chance of association fishing, Birmingham AA being among those with rights on this river.


Hay-on-Wye, PowysT 1 mile in areaBB

DT: (L 6)ATS (H. R. Grant & Son, 6,

CastleStreet, Hay-on-Wye)e


Cylmery, PowysT1 mile at

CylmeryjBB wuLake, Llangammarch

Wells. T:Llangammarch Wells 202. 27rooms(11c5 1)e


Llanwrtyd Wells, PowysT1 mile near Llanwrtyd Wells

DT: AH (Neuadd Arms, Llanwrtyd Wells)


Flows from the north-west to meet the Wye south-west of Rhayader.

The waters of this river have been dammed in various places to form the Elan Valley Reservoirs. There are mixed fishing opportunities for visitors.

Rhayader, PowysM1 mile from

Dolfallen Bridgeto Elan Valley


Lion Royal Hotel, Rhayader


Another Lugg tributary, the Frome rises above Bromyard and flows south to join the Lugg just above Mordiford. Chances for visitors are poor as it is private fishing.


Llangammarch Wells, PowysT 1 mile adjacent to Cammarch Hotel, also 3 other sections in area extending over3 miles in ail DT: AH (Cammarch Hotel, Llangammarch Wells)e


A small tributary of the Lugg with trout the main species and fly only a general rule; associations offer what few chances there are for the visitor.


A tributary of the Monnow, this is a trout fishery with somechancesfor the visitor through hotels in the area.


Though it attracts the occasional salmon, the Irfon is mostly noted for its trout. It rises in the Cambrian mountains and flows east to join the Wye at Builth Wells. Opportunities for the visitor are reasonable with hotels offering the best chances.

Beulah,PowysCT-?-300yards nearhotelBB Trout Inn, Beulah

Builth Wells, PowysCTS} mile at Builth WellsRB 3-day or WT: ATS (Mrs Asbrey, High Street, Builth Wells) Llangammarch Wells, PowysTS 3 miles from Llangammarch Wells to Garth (LB) and 2 mile from Garth towards Builth Wells (RB) ri Lake. T.Wells 202.27 rooms (1iei)e Llangammarch Wells, PowysTS mile in 3 sections above and below Llangammarch Wells DT: AH (Cammarch Hotel, Llangammarch Wei Is) e

Llanwrtyd Wells, PowysTS3 mile fromCildutoAborAB -Neuadd Arms. T: Llanwrtyd Wells 236.18 rooms. (Hotel residency only necessary for Salmon anglers. Trout Dtat hotel)e

Llanwrtyd Wells, PowysCTS 1 milefrom back of Abernant Hotel toBlueCliffslLB -iAbernant Lake. T: Llanwrtyd Wells 250.62 rooms (305 1) ITHON

Rising above Llanbadarn Fynydd, the Ithon takes a winding southerly course to join the Wye below Llan-drindod Wells. Like the Irfon, it is most noted for its trout and has few salmon. It also contains excellent chub. Though there is some ticket fishing, associations and hotels offer more opportunities. Penybont, PowysCTS3 miles from BrynthomasBridgetoOld

Castle FarmRB

DT: ATS (Penybont)P (Severn

Arms Hotel, Penybont)

Llandrindod Wells, PowysT r (spinning permitted from Aug 1)5 miles at Llandrindod Wells)BB DT: ATS (C. Selwyn & Sons, 4, Park Crescent, Llandrindod Wells) :-Mar1-Sept 30e

Association: Birmingham AA. LLYNFI

Rising near Bwlch, the Llynfi flows almost immediately into Llangorse Lake . From there it flows northward to join the Wye near Glasbury. Offering trout and some coarse fish, it is mostly private with hotels offering the best opportunities.

Glasbury-on-Wye, PowysCT T-(fortrout)Fishing in area DT: (L4)AK (Treble Hill Cottage, Glasbury-on-Wye)=Mar 1-Sept 30 (T); Oct 1-Feb 28(C) Glasbury-on-Wye, PowysC(Oct 1-Mar1 only)T-(forTrout)2 miles inareaBB

DT: (L4)ARO (Treble Hill Cottage, Glasbury-on-Wye) Mar 1 -Sept 30 (T) LUGG

A major Wye tributary, the Lugg rises in the hills west of Presteigne and flows east to Leominster where it swings south through Marden to join the Wye below Mordiford. Though salmon enter the Lugg, it is best known for its trout and superb coarse fishing. In the upper reaches, fly only tends to be the rule. Ticket opportunities are few on a river largely association controlled with some, like the Birmingham AA, offering access for the visitor. Leominster, Here & WorcM 750 yards at LeominsterRB DT: AF (Marlbrook Farm, Fordbridge, Leominster)

Lugwardine, Here & WorcCT 3 separate sections at

LugwardineLB -Longworth Hall Hotel,


Mordiford, Here & WorcC 200 yards in field immediately upstream of Mordiford BridgeLB

DT: AK (The Old Rectory,


Mordiford, Here & WorcCl mile from bridgeto junction with River


DT: (may be limited at discretion of keepers)AK (Mrs Bowcott, Yew

Tree Cottage, Mordiford) e

Note: (1) Day, weekly and season tickets may be availablefor various sections on application to Herbert Hatton, St Owen Street, Hereford. (2) Trout and coarse fishing on this riverand itstributariessometimes availablefor rental from Bernard Thorpe & Partners, Fishery Dept., Broad Street, Hereford.

Associations: Birmingham AA; Hereford &DistAA.


Rated the most prolific of the Wye tributaries for trout, the Monnow rises in hills to the north-west of Pandy from where it flows northeast to Pontrilas, swinging southeast to join the Wye at Monmouth. Ticket opportunities are not good and hotels are the best place of enquiry for the visitor. Grosmont, GwentM mile at Grosmont, near AbergavennyRB DT: (L5)A (advance booking strongly recommended)F(Mrs. M. Vaughan, Lower Tresenny Farm, Grosmont.Tel: Pontrilas438)e Hay-on-Wye, PowysT “ 11J miles atHay-on-WyeBB Crown, Broad Street. T:Hay-on-Wye435.12 rooms (2c4 -l)Mar 1-Sept30e

Monmouth, GwentMj mile near


DT: AAA(Monmouth and Dist.

A.S.) ‘Apr 1 -Sept 30 (T) Oct 1 -Jan 27(C) e

Skenfrith, GwentM2 mile upstream from Skenfrith WeirRB



Skenfrith, GwentCT300 yards near hotel at SkenfrithLB

DT: AH (Priory Motel, Skenfrith)

Note: Trout fishing to rent by season occasionally availablefrom Bernard Thorpe & Partners, Fishery Dpt, Broad Street, Hereford Association: Birmingham AA.


Rising near Grosmont, the Trothy wends its way south-east through Skenfrith tojointheWyejust below its junction with the Monnow at Monmouth. Largely private, the association fishings on this river are likeliest for visitors. Monmouth, GwentM5 miles at MonmouthLB

DT: AAA (Monmouth and Dist. AS)Apr 1-Sept30(T); Oct 1-Jan 27(C) e Wygyr

Rising in northern Anglesey, the Wygyr flows west before turning to the sea which it enters in Cemaes Bay. It offers trout fishing facilities for visitors through associations.

Fly only is the rule in some sections.

Rod Licence: WNWDA (Gwynedd River Division) Llanfechell, Anglesey Gwynedd T 1i miles from Tai Hen to Cemaes BayBB DT:AH(CefniGlaslnn, Llanfechel)Mar1-Sept30