Rises in West Norfolk near the village of Shipdham, and flows for 20 miles to Norwich, where it becomes a big and increasingly heavy flowing river on its journey to Breydon Water and the sea at Great Yarmouth. The upper sections are invariably private, but access is easier at the lower end of the non-tidal part, and it offers out-standing sport with dace and roach. Some sections also offer good chub fishing, and there are small shoals of big bream. Baw-burgh, Colney and Cringleford are the main access points, and there is quite a lot of free bank fishing. In the tidal section the fish are more numerous but generally smaller, with bream and roach predominant. Popular areas include

Trowse, Bramerton, Postwick,

Thorpe Green, Brundall, Rockland and Buckenham. Most of this fishing is free.

Bowburgh, NorfolkC6} miles from Bawburgh Road Bridge to point J mile below Earlham Road


Free fishing

Buckenham Ferry, NorfolkC

Extensive fishing extending from Buckenham Ferry to Cantley,

Rockland Claxton, and LangleyAB

Easton,NorfolkC660 yards above andbelowaccessLB

Free fishing

Norwich, NorfolkC From Trowse

Mill to sea except where access is otherwise controlled

Free fishing

Postwick, NorfolkC600 yards opposite SurlinghamFerryLB

Free fishing

Trowse, NorfolkC3 mile from confluence with Wensum to

Trowse ChurchRB

DT: AAA (Norwich & Dist AA)

Yare Tributaries


This short stream – 10 miles long -rises near East Poringland and runs through Loddon to join the Yare a little above Reedham. Loddon, NorfolkC3 miles from Loddon to junction with Yare LB Free fishing


Cleaning up the short tidal section in the city of Norwich was a major achievement by the old East Suffolk & Norfolk River Authority. It simply teems with roach, and match catches over 30 lb are taken amid the traffic’s roar at the main access points – Riverside Road and Thorpe Station – where fishing is free. But it is the non-tidal area of this river which is the talk of the angling world. The river rises above Raynham, and first becomes a fishery of major significance at Fakenham. Every access point between there and Norwich, public or private, has produced roach over 2 lb, and well-authenticated 3-pounders are also on record. The river is also capable of producing odd big trout to 6 lb and more, and chub are increasingly evident at the lower end of the non-tidal river. Dace can be good sport, too, but on its recent record few would argue with the claim that the Wensum is the best river in the country for quality roach.

BintreaMill, NorfolkC1 mile above river (RB) and I mile (LB) between disused railway bridge down almost to mill

Free fishing

East Dereham, NorfolkCT2 mile in area (ticket also covers fishing in 3 nearby lakes)BB

DT: AK (House adjacent to fishery)

Fakenham, NorfblkjMjl mile from Kersley Mill upstreamRB Free fishing Wensum Records Match Catch Records: 5 hour 42-1-0 R Bishop in club match Oct 1 4 hour 31 -8-0T Lawrence in open match Nov 1970

Bream:9-4-0AJRudd 1907 (presumed)

Chub: 6-4-0 W Pickard 1

Dace: 1 -4-0 (2) T Cleere 1956; B

Kettle Aug 1

Perch: 4-3-0 E Allen 1

Roach: 3-2-0 (2) J Bailey (flake) Mar 1976; Mrimmer (maggot) Nov 1

Trout,brown: 9-12-0 Mr Sayer 1

Trout, rainbow: 7-0-0 H Compton 1

Reported in the Sept 30,1 edition of ‘Fishing Gazette’. The date of capture was not given and any clarification of the date since obtained would be welcome.

Fakenham, NorfolkCT (for T) From 1 mile below Sculthorpe Mill to Groggs Mill (RB); 1J miles downstream from Dewing and Kersley Mill (AB); 1 mile upstream from Guist Road Bridge (LB) DT: ATS (L Bryer, Norwich Street, Fakenham)

Great Ryburgh, NorfolkT 2J miles from Great Ryburgh to


Free fishing

Norwich, NorfolkC From

NewmillsYard, Norwich down to junction with Yare except where access is otherwise controlledBB (but mostly LB)

Free fishing

Taverham, NorfolkCSection flanking site of Taverham Gravel


DT (also covers fishing in

Taverham Pits): K



Barton Broad. The only main Norfolk Broad which has a river (the Ant) flowing in and out. It therefore carries heavy cruiser traffic, but the big boats have to keep to the defined channels or risk running aground. Anglers therefore have their pick of plenty of undisturbed water, and they catch good nets of bream and roach until late autumn, when the fish migrate into the downstream reaches of the Ant. No bank fishing, except on Neatishead dyke running off the western side of the broad; this fishes well in winter, unlike the main broadC Free fishing from boats only, including Neatishead Dykex(at Barton Turf)


Heigham Sound. The Sound differs only from Hickling Broad in that it is smaller, but it does offer the comfort of limited bank fishing for those who can get there by boat. Meadow Dyke, connecting the Sound with Horsey Mere, is also capable of big bream catches at night-it is too busy with boats to appeal during the day. See also Candle Dyke, under River Bure, aboveC

Free fishing (onlyfrom boats x j.(at Hickling and Martham) e Hickling Broad. Ruined as a fishery by algal pollution in the 60s. It once held great pike, huge shoals of bream, perhaps the best rudd in Britain, plenty of tench and some very big roach. It is once again pos-sible to take big weights of bream, but this water is greatly diminished

Broads Records

Alderfen Broad

Bream: 9-12-OJPye 1

Tench: 8-0-0 N Stevenson July 1

Decoy Broad

Perch: 4-1-0 N Cooper 1

Pike: 28-0-0 N Paul 1

Heigham Sound

Pike: 35-8-0 A Jackson 1

Horsey Mere

Pike: 40-1-0 P Hancock Feb 1

Rudd: 3-5-0 Dpye 1

Martham Broad

Pike: 35-0-0 R Pownall 1

Tench: 6-9-0DPye 1

Salhouse Broad

Roach: 3-5-0 AWHoward 1

South Walsham Broad

Perch: 4-5-0 A J Hodges 1

Rudd: 2-13-0 B Howett 1

Wroxham Broad

Pike: 42-0-0 J Nudd 1 the currently accepted British record both for anglers and naturalists. It is now boat fishing onlyC Free fishing (onlyfrom boats) v j.(at Hickling and Martham)e


Horsey Mere. Once the finest pike water in England until the prym-nesium pollution wiped it out completely in the 60s. The great fish over 20 lb and running to a proven 40 lb are no more, but smaller pike have re-established themselves, along with a useful population of roach and bream. There is limited bank fishing at the end nearest the sea, but a boat is required for most of this waterC DT:BorAK (Hall Cottage, Horsey) (Staithe Store, Horsey) A(Martham or Hickling) . Jun 16-Oct 31 and Feb 1 -Mar



NEATISHEAD Alderfen Broad C

DT:(L8)ATS(Haylett’s, Wroxham)-(4)e


Ranworth Broad. This tree-lined broad, sometimes known as Malt-house Broad, is fed from the River Bure a little upstream of the Fleet Dike. The inner broad is a nature reserve but is available to anglersLC

DT (Granary Stores, Ranworth)P (The Maltsters, Ranworth)! xl/

Ranworth Inner BroadLC DT (Granary Stores, RanworthP (The Malsters, Ranworth) x Uh=Jun 16-Sept30; Mar1-


Rockland Broad. This shallow broad fed from the Yare has a marked channel for motor craft thus leaving most of its 70 acres undisturbed for anglingC

Free fishing only from boats x(at



Salhouse Broad. In fact two broads, Great and Little, very pretty, situated across the Bure from Hoveton Broad. Little Salhouse Broad is private, but various boats may be hired at Wroxham for fishing Great SalhouseC DT: BK (for boat fishing) x (at Wroxham) SOUTH WALSHAM South Walsham Broad. Two beautiful expanses of water, but the inner broad is private and no fishing is permitted. The main broad is connected with the River Bure by the Fleet DikeC Free fishing from boats in outer broad x /.(South Walsham) SURLINGHAM

Surlingham Broad. Small broad, somewhat silted, fed from the Yare a little south of Brundall. Small bream feature hereC Free fishing only from boats x -.(at Brundall) WROXHAM

Wroxham Broad. One of the most popular of the Broads waters from a holiday point of view being close to a useful centre. This broad has two inlets from the River Bure. Despite churning from many motor craft the broad teems with fishC Free fishing (from boats only x j.(at Wroxham)



RedgraveLakejC DT:B


Broome PitsGP(3)C

Free fishing


DitchinghamPitjC No DT, but bookings for club parties accepted Sept-March on application to secretary of Bungay Cherry Tree AC BUNGAY COMMON Station PitC Freefishing FRITTON

Fritton Lake. Probably the most beautiful of the lovely Broads waters. Noted for good catches of bream which sometimes run bigC DT: AIC(atlakeside)xe LOWESTOFT

Oulton Broad. Sadly, this is yet another Broadland water which has fallen from grace, thanks to ever-growing pressure from con-flicting interests. In the 50s and well into the 60s it was the best perch fishery in England. No other water produced fish over 3 lb and some-times over 4 lb with the same consistency, but now it is just an ordinary fishery. Even so, it is well worth a visit, for it holds useful examples of most coarse fish species. Best fished from a boat, though the Nicholas Everitt Park does offer a limited amount of bank fishingC

Free fishing from bank and boat (including Oulton Dyke which connects the broad to the River Waveney) x (at Broad) ORMESBY

Ormesby Broads. The Ormesby group of broads, which includes Rollesby, Filby, Lily and St Margaret broads, are practically isolated from the main river system. Actually the Muck Fleet connects with the River Bure but even rowing boats would have difficulty in negotiating this drain. These broads have therefore escaped some of the worst ravages of commercialism which has so diminished other broads, both as fisheries and natural habitats for wildlife. The Ormesby waters offer excellent bream fishing and good pike in winter. Fishing is free, but since there is absolutely no bank fishing anglers must hire rowing boats from local sourcesC Free fishing from boat onlyx(from Ormesby, Little Ormesby, Filby and Rollesby)

Ormesby Broad

Tench:7-0-0S Rouse 1

Oulton Broad

Eel: 7-8-0A J Dewsnap 1

Perch: 4-12-0 S F Baker July 1