One of the most notable sea trout fisheries in Scotland. For such a short river – only about 30 miles in length – it is remarkable in having a large estuary of some four miles or so between Newburghandthesea. It is in this huge tidal pond that the majority of anglers seek their sea-trout sport but that is not to decry the excellent fishings available up-river with the bonus of salmon and brown trout.

A few salmon are taken between March and May but the bulk of the runs come inthesummerand early autumn. It is fair to say, however, that the Ythan is best regarded for its sea-trout which range from fin-nock up to six pounds or so. A few venture into the estuary in the earlier part of the season but the best of sport begins in June with the possibility of excellent fishing right into October.

Do not go to the Ythan estuary without a supply of ‘terror’ or ‘demon’ type flies. These lures are extensively used although conven-tional patterns also produce results.

SOS: Feb 25-Sept 9 (Net); Feb 11-Oct 31 (R&L) Ythan Records Salmon: 44-0-0 Dr Fowler 1901 Sea Trout: 11-12-0ACruikshank July 1 Ellon, Aberdeens, Grampianl TSTS3 mile on Ellon Castle Estate DT: AH (Buchan Hotel, Ellon)= Feb 11-Oct 311 Fyvie, Aberdeens, Grampianl TSTS?-(Jun-Aug)3 miles from Ardlogieto FetterletterLB DT: AP(Vale Hotel, Fyvie) Methlick, Aberdeens, Grampian TSTS33 miles on Haddo EstatelRB

DT: ATS (Methlick)RO (Haddo Estate Trust, Estate Office, Haddo House, Aberdeen)=-Feb 11-Oct 31

Methlick, Aberdeens, Grampian TS21 miles at MethlickLB DT: ATS (J. Somers and Son, 40, Thistle Street, Aberdeen) e Methlick, Aberdeens, Grampian TSTS33milesfrom Waterloo BridgetoTangland BridgeRB DT: ATS (Methlick)=Feb 11-Oct 31

Newburgh, Aberdeens, Grampian TSTS3J miles from Snub to seaBB DT: TM (at Udny and Dudwich Estates Office, The Stables, Udny Green Tel: Udny 367) or AH (Udny Arms Hotel, Newburgh.Tel: Newburgh 273). Reduced fee for residents: instruction, boats and ghilliesarranged) -.=Feb11-Oct31e

Ythan Tributary


This river flows into the Ythan from the north through Auchnagatt. Like the parent river, it offers sea trout, usually best after late season spates, and brown trout. The visitor will find some free fishing. Auchnagatt, Aberdeens, Grampianl

TSTSections in area Free fishing

Scottish sea trout

Though certainly most famous for its salmon, Scotland also attracts its fair share of big sea trout. The 12 biggest recorded are given below. 21-0-0 Rev A H Upcher (River

Awe) June 1908 21-0-0 A Ross (Loch Eilt) 1955 19-8-0 D McNaught (Loch

Maree) September 1951 18-0-0 W B Sheret (River

Deveron) 1969 17-2-0 H Sutherland (Loch

Hope) August 1958 17-0-0 A Bain (River Deveron) 1920 16-8-0 W Brown (Rive Ewe)

June 1965 16-0-0 D Riddihough (Loch

Hope)1967 16-0-0- W Ballantyne (River

Ailort) 1928 15-8-0 K Macdonald (River

Ailort) April 1931 15-8-0 captor unknown (Loch

Maree) August 1934 15-4-0G H Clegg (River Moidart) 1964